Ex-MonaVie Distributor Shows the True Value of MonaVie


Ex-MonaVie Distributor BobbyJ explains what MonaVie has done for him:

If you were thinking that MonaVie was going to make you rich, it might be worth thinking like BobbyJ. He put his heart and soul in the business, converting his truck, and putting up YouTube videos. He got nowhere and explains why with common sense… the product is just 20 times more expensive that other competing products. It’s an impossible sales job for distributors unless they try to make MonaVie seem better than other similar juices (which is a proven lie).

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18 Responses to “Ex-MonaVie Distributor Shows the True Value of MonaVie”
  1. mysterious Says:

    theres no video, the video has been removed by the video poster

  2. Rockinwithmonavie Says:

    There are a couple of reasons this person was not successful, reason 1. He did not follow a proven system that works, meaning he did not do the proper activities. 2. He quit. That simple!!

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Well that happens with YouTube. Not my fault.

    Rockinwithmonavie… There is no proven system that works with MLM. See: http://www.inc.com/magazine/19980601/941.html.

    It is wise to quit something that is doomed to fail.

  4. Jim Says:


    You and the other regulars here have continuously debunked just about every claim by distributors with citation facts and logic. Have you ever considered a YouTube vid or two bringing to light some of the more disturbing facts? I beleive it would be a way to reach many distributors who are pointed there by their uplines for pro-Mona vie propaganda.

    Thanks for all your time you have invested. I want an autographed copy of the book when this is over.

  5. Vogel Says:

    I haven’t thought about going the video route personally, but the idea of a book is very appealing. Something like…

    “Juice Wars: How America is Getting Robbed by Modern Day Mountebanks”

    It could cover all the big MLM juice scams, the key players, scandals, the prominence of such scams in Utah, and legislative/political issues.

    I wish that the book already existed becuase I would certainly buy it. Since it doesn’t, I might have to write it someday, and if I do, you will get definitely get an ackowledgement AND a free autographed copy.

  6. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I have thought about packaging many of the articles of JuiceScam into an ebook. Perhaps someday.

  7. Vogel Says:

    Hey, I smell a colloboration on the horizon :)

  8. Vogel Says:

    Actually, I mean “see”. I’m not sure what that “smell” was. I hate mixed metaphors.

  9. Matt Says:

    I have an interesting question, I’ve been looking into all of these MLM juice companies, MonaVie, Xango, Exfuze, Noni, Zrii. They are all based in Utah. Why is that? Is there some kind of Mormon connection? I’m just curious and it just seemed like an odd coincidence.

  10. mysterious Says:

    i cant seem to watch the video but matt does make sence and i am wondering now. and i cant wait to see the rant from the followers and monabots. hahahaha. should be interisting.

  11. Vogel Says:

    Matt said: “I have an interesting question, I’ve been looking into all of these MLM juice companies, MonaVie, Xango, Exfuze, Noni, Zrii. They are all based in Utah. Why is that? Is there some kind of Mormon connection? I’m just curious and it just seemed like an odd coincidence.”

    I don’t know the precise origins of why Utah became a mecca for MLM scammers but I do know that a lot of it has to do with Utah politicians like Orrin Hatch and Jason Chaffetz receiving large campaign donations from MLMs (as I recall Orrin’s top donor was Xango and Chaffetz was financed by NuSkin).

    The story is surely more complicated than that, but as a general rule, just follow the money trail and you’ll find the answers to most questions.

    The MLMs are also designed in such a way as to appeal directly to the LDS community. They are pitched as a means for moms to work while staying home with the kids, they leverage a back-to-nature nutritional message, and they often involve overseas charities (dubious ones) that operate like LDS missions (thus, even if the MLM is totally skeevy, it can all be justified under the guise of philanthropy and spreading “the word”).

  12. amy Says:

    monaviescam and vogel:

    lol. just read the comment about smelling a colaboration. I laughed out loud.

    Anyway, I have a question: I am fascinated with this whole thing and wonder if there is a good book, or reference, for understanding the math of mlm’s in general. And is all network marketing doomed for failure and a rip off? I know you have great info here, and I know you have discussed how mathmatically it is a failure (monavie). I just want to understand it myself. :)

  13. Vogel Says:

    There are other people here (Aussie for instance) who are more familar than I am with some of the expert analysis of MLM statistics. But as far as Monavie’s numbers go, have you looked at their IDS? Just Google “Monavie + IDS” and have a look. We can walk through it with you if you have any questions.

  14. Jenni Says:

    I just watched a video that a friend on my facebook posted. It was of this cocky 20-something guy who was just leaving the gym using his phones video camera to explain how he sells his monavie. He literally said that he aims for the “fat chicks” and then follows them out of the gym and tells them that they will lose x amount of weight by drinking a certain Monavie product and that she could make money by sharing it with others. She asked if it would cost her money and he said no, that because she would be supplementing breakfast and lunch with the juice, that it would make up for itself. Well, she took the bait. He then went on to say how he was going to go to a bunch of gyms and get 3 day passes just so he could continue to track down the “big girls.” He was a PIG!

    I remember a year or two back an old friend of ours rang my parents doorbell. She asked my Mom if she could park her truck in our driveway because there was no parking and there was a “wine tasting” up the street she wanted to attend. My Mom, loving wine decided to join her only to discover it was a Mona Vie meeting. She was pissed! What once was a friendship had turned into a lie, and any topic of conversation revolved around this lady trying to get us to come to meetings. I hope this company gets taken down. It’s disgusting.

  15. MadScientistMatt Says:

    The vulture prowling gyms was bad enough, but claiming MonaVie was a wine tasting? I’m surprised that tactic didn’t backfire by having somebody scream about being lied to in the middle of the meeting.

  16. McLoven Says:

    Three years ago I met a friend through an unlikely source. The more I talked to her the more I cared about and liked her. She came to me one day excited that her husband and her had “found something” I just had to see. This was around April 2011. She told me about this juice. I listened, I was skeptical. I told her I was happy she was so excited. She didn’t really answer many questions about the product. Her main focus was on all the new contacts and people she was meeting. She went on and on about testimonials and heart wrenching stories. It made me sick and after looking up and research this product I was horrified to see it was an MLM/ pyramid scheme. When I tried to warn her she was insulted. Here was my point. I don’t argue that fruit is good for us I am not saying that this product doesn’t taste good. Heck I am sure that if you stop drinking and smoking, eat right and get on an exercise program. You will feel better and lead a healthy life, you may even beat cancer. I don’t think that MonaVie in or out of your diet will make a difference. She told me I was small minded and “Not ready” then she ended our friendship. I had noticed that since April she had been trying to worm the MonaVie topic into all our conversations. When it stopped working. she would get curt with me and end the conversation. I miss her. I truly believe MonaVie stole my friend. I have never been more against it.

  17. Ted Says:

    Fascinating, Sure its all a scam, the American way of life is to make a profit (capitalisim) and their is no limit to the human brain coming up with ideas on how to make money.

    I have seen and met so many people that pursue the “Amway dream” and see the destruction it brings to a family it completely baffles me.

    I have discovered it is all about the money, to make yourself as much as you can for a better life, If you can do that without hurting other people that is great, but unfortunately thats not always the case.

    If you build a “better mousetrap” people will bust down your doors to buy it”.

    Vince Lambardi said “Winning is Everything” no other explanation. that is your goal, but do it with the highest integrity if you can.


  18. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Thanks Ted,

    The idea is to share it with others you know, so if you are hurting them that would be a big problem. Plus, why would you want to hurt anyone when it pays less than minimum wage on average. Get your better life being a fry cook at McDonalds – you’ll make more money.

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