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I thought I’d use this article to sum up some of points about MonaVie and Dr. Louis Niles. I use doctor lightly as he’s an naturopathic doctor. Wikipedia currently defines Naturopathy as:

“an alternative medical system that focuses on natural remedies and the body’s vital ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopathic philosophy favors a holistic approach and minimal use of surgery and drugs. Naturopathy comprises many different treatment modalities of varying degrees of acceptance by the medical community; diet and lifestyle advice may be substantially similar to that offered by non-naturopaths, and acupuncture may help reduce pain in some cases, while homeopathy is often characterized as pseudoscience or quackery. Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has been advocated as an appropriate methodology for determining the scientific basis of naturopathy. Naturopaths have opposed vaccination based in part on the early philosophies which shaped the profession.”

I’ve bolded some parts to make it easier to differentiate Naturopathy doctors who specialist in it, known as NDs, from doctors who specialize in Medicine, known as MDs. Wikipedia also hosts some criticism of Naturopathy, and lists why many feel it is a quackery.

I’m not sure where Dr. Louis Niles went to school, but an archive of his website (including this page) provides no clues.

In videos he Dr. Louis Niles makes Illegal Medicinal Claims… all while misleading people by dressing in the surgical scrubs to make it seem like he’s a medical doctor when he does no surgery.

That’s nothing compared to Dr. Lou Niles and His Sexual Crimes.

Despite all this it seems like Lou Niles is still a MonaVie Distributor.

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2 Responses to “Dr. Lou Niles and MonaVie”
  1. steve Says:

    If Niles was an MD, it wouldn’t mean much to me anyways. There is not a whole lot of nutritional training in med schools. Our health care system spends 3 times more money on pharmaceuticals than any industrialized nation and we rank near the bottom in longevity and health. We actually dropped a little bit this year in longevity. I was in Monavie a few years ago and have people trying to drag me back in. I can refute most claims that I get e-mailed to me or addressed to me on Facebook without researching. ( I have a BS in nutrition and am a chiropractor ) The info is usually twisted around to associate Monavie with anything positive. Just follow an Okinawan diet (these people live the longest with few health probelms) and you will be fine.

  2. Vogel Says:

    The issue here is 3-fold: (1) Niles lied about his credentials; (2) Niles, a Monavie distributor, illegally promoted Monavie as a cancer treatment, and executive distributor Jason Lyons aided and abetted the act; (3) the Niles video was widely used in the promootion of Monavie; (4) Niles is currently on trial for child molestation — the charges follow Niles’ previous court martial for rape and perjury.

    This shouldn’t have been viewed as an opportunity for some wonky chiropractor to slag the medical profession while trumpeting his own highly suspect credentials. Now I have to waste my time correcting your misinformation:

    “Our health care system spends 3 times more money on pharmaceuticals than any industrialized nation”

    False: Your claim is easily refuted by the latest data published by OECD.

    “…and we rank near the bottom in longevity and health”

    False: The US is currently ranked among nations at #36 for longevity by the UN and at #50 according to CIA data; quite far from “near the bottom”.

    “There is not a whole lot of nutritional training in med schools.”

    Can you define a “whole lot”. According to the sources below, there is quite a bit of coverage of this subject in US medical schools.

    Even sources critical of nutritional education in US medical schools note that there are at least 40 medical schools that provide at least the minimum 25 hours of nutritional training recommended by the NAS.

    I would argue that there isn’t a single meaningful health-related subject that isn’t taught more thoroughly and reliably at medical school versus chiropractic college. In other words, chiropractors basically don’t know shit (and your post only strengthens that conviction).

    In matters of nutrition, physicians typically refer patients to a certified clinical nutritionist or registered dietitian, and their expertise and training in nutrition is more reliable than that of any chiroquacktor, whose nutritional knowledge doesn’t seem to extend any further than trying to profit from selling overpriced and often useless nutritional supplements to their patients. And given that the only therapeutic area in which chiropractic is thought to be even minimally effective is in the treatment of lower back pain — and there is no obvious place for nutritional interventions in that treatment paradigm.

    It’s good that you are capable of seeing through MVs BS, but it’s not good that you are so stridently ignorant or that you have used this thread as an opportunity to badmouth the medical profession.

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