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Dr. Jonny Bowden has come forth to comment on MonaVie. In an article titled “No More Claiming Mona Vie Cures Cancer!” he debunks the value of ORAC scores. That’s not overly surprising as we’ve seen MonaVie’s own Dr. Alex Schauss essentially discount ORAC as having little value in the body.

He says specifically:

“The argument between the various distributors about whose ORAC value is higher has more in common with a shouting match between slightly buzzed Lakers and Celtic fans than it does any real academic discussion. And of course, since no one participating in (or listening to) these silly arguments actually knows what they’re talking about, a little pseudo science goes a long way towards convincing gullible potential “distributors” to come aboard and make a fortune, and can even sound pretty impressive in a Professor Irwin Corey kind of way…

… Problem number two is that there’s no evidence that higher and higher values actually translate into any clinical benefits. High ORAC fruits and vegetables are great, but according to noted cancer investigator Ralph Moss, PhD, ‘there is an upper limit to the benefit that can be derived from antioxidants. Taking in 25,000 ORAC units at one time…. would be no more beneficial than taking in a fifth of that amount.’…

… Problem number three: if you’re eating a crummy diet and barely exercising- something I’ve noticed in an awful lot of the people promoting these juices- drinking one to two ounces of expensive juice isn’t going to do much for you….

… Problem number four is that while many of these products base their ambiguous health claims on one of the “star” juices in the formula (mangosteen in Xango, for example), no one tells you how much of the product comes from the superstar fruit and how much is pure filler…

… For about 1/10 the price (and no annoying talk of Diamond Distributorships and Up With People narratives) you’ll get all the antioxidant power you need.”

He’s makes a good point that when it comes to ORAC scores – more is not always better. It’s a little like putting gas in your car – after you fill the tank adding more gas is going to be wasteful. Like a href=”http://www.juicescam.com/dr-andrew-weil-on-monavie/”>Dr. Andrew Weil said, MonaVie simply isn’t good value for the price.

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