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To all distributors commenting on this blog, I would recommend that you read MonaVie’s Social Media Policy and Procedures:

Distributors may post text and videos on Blogs, Social Networks, and Video Websites so long as he or she has passed our Compliance certification course.

* All text postings must include the Distributor’s name and ID number.”

There are a number of people who admit to being distributors who are not complying with MonaVie’s policy.

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3 Responses to “Distributors Posting on Blogs”
  1. mysterious Says:

    so every time i comeon hear and start off with i an a monavie dristributer now i gate out my ta give out my number, whats so hard about that 2795783, see how easy that was, lol keep up the good work scam,

  2. mysterious Says:

    i just recieved an email from miss tibbet from monavie after i emailed them about canciling my account with them so i no longer have anything to do with them, and she replyed to me saying my account number 2795783 had been terminated as requested so i no longer have my name part of monavie or team anymore so now i can do as i please and i am 100 percent free. yahooo. now i dont have to use my number as i make replys. lol have fun everyone this is a great day.

    Im freeeeeeeeeeeeee
    omg this feels so great. like a house has been lifted off my shoulder.

    my monavie story is comming soon ill email it to scam and he will post it. when i finish it.

  3. bogart Says:

    Mysteries I have noticed in the last couple days about 200 dist.being suspended in my downline. They do not have the same sponser so I doubt it was a mass exidice. Do you have any other ideas why they might be suspended?

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