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8 Responses to “Canadian MonaVie”
  1. Courtney Says:

    Why would it be sold in 17 countries across the world if it was a scam?

  2. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Why did the German courts take action against MonaVie for being an illegal pyramid scheme if it wasn’t a scam?

    Why did this doctor predict that scams like MonaVie would spread to other countries to continue their pyramid scheme because the one in the US is dying?

  3. humiliated Says:

    Courtney. Monavie has gone to other countries because it is tanking in Canada and the U.S.. That is the reason you haven’t seen an Income Disclosure statement since mid 2009.

    Please don’t just “drink the kool-aid”. You have come on here for a reason. Just read some of the articles on here and use your critical thinking skills, don’t just let Monavie dictate what you are thinking/saying.

    I was involved and I believed what they told me too, but is all smoke and mirrors and you are essentially involved in scam. You will be told not to listen to us, we are dream stealers, Big pharma lovers etc. but we are not. We are people trying to stop others from becoming victimized by this scam. There are horrible stories of people losing their homes and families in pursuit of a “business” here and perhaps their tragic losses won’t be completely in vain if we can warn others.

    At the very least, if you are going to post a comment, please say something that is backed up with independant facts/research and don’t break the law and your own company rules by claiming Monavie cures or prevents anything.

  4. MadScientistMatt Says:

    Courtney: Because if you confine your scam to one country, you’re missing out on a considerable amount of the world’s wealth.

  5. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Courtney, here are some points to consider:

    1. There is no demand for Monavie outside of the opportunity. At $40.00 (or thereabout) a pop for a bottle of chemically preserved fruit juice, you’ve effectively killed your retail market right there. The new weight loss products are also exorbidantly priced, we’ve seen numerous distributor complaints confirming this also.
    2. Monavie distributors are sellers of the opportunity – they sell distributorships.
    3. The opportunity doesn’t exist – 99.64% of the sales force are losing money.
    4. Once distributors realise the opportunity doesn’t exist, they rightly abandon the scheme.
    5. Once distributor networks have also been exhausted and interest in the opportunity dies – noting there is NO loyal customer base, the company must move onto greener pastures where the cycle begins again.
    6. Take a look at who is advancing in the ranks – those from Malaysia for example clearly out number distributors from the US, Australia and the Canadians barely even get a mention.

    Of course it’s a scam, you don’t need to be told by an authority that it is before you’re able to make a judgement call based on the facts and some logical thinking.

    Please don’t parrot the same brain dead BS we’ve been subjected to time and time again without doing some analytical thinking for YOURSELF.

  6. Andre Degaspery Says:

    The main idea is to drink the juice, not to sell it. I have seen this guy in my town go from dust to 25k us dollars month in one year. I have been watching this team evolve and mostly none of them sell this botles, except for one guy who likes to sell the energy drinks.

    i don’t see a scan here. Its a product, the price is for rich people, so what? Diamonds and gold are for rich people too and still poor people buy it and ever more poor people sell it.

    It’s monavie’s Juice, so It’s monavies right to dictate how much is gonna cost. its the same with oil, as is the same with anything.

    So stop crying out about how lame your business was and get over it. This thing really isn’t for everyone. now because you are not able to sell diamonds that makes it a scan, right….

    You all thing about that berofe spreading someones business are unfair.

    Andre Degaspery – Brazil.
    PS. yes I drink the Juice sometimes. No, I don’t sell it, I don’t have to.

  7. MonaVie Scam Says:

    If the main is to drink the juice and not sell it, it runs afoul of the FTC’s guidelines about having retail sales of the product. Perhaps this isn’t an issue in Brazil, but in the US it’s required. And since it’s MonaVie’s base country, you’d think they’d want to comply with the law.

    This website has provided tons of irrefutable evidence supported by reputable third parties that MonaVie is a grossly overpriced product, with little nutritional value, wrapped in a poor business opportunity that is an illegal pyramid scheme, which is itself wrapped in illegal medical claims, supported by nonsensical “scientific” studies, and tied to a fraudulent charity.

    How can you not see the scam?

    The price may be for rich people, but the unemployed are the ones that are targeted for the “business opportunity” that requires you buy the juice. There-in lies the scam.

    I don’t know what you are talking about crying about how lame my business was… Every business I’ve been involved in was awesome. I don’t think I’ve said anything to the contrary once.

  8. LT Says:

    MonaVie is a blemish on natural health products all across the world. If companies like MonaVie are allowed to continue to sell their amazingly over priced fruit juice blend more and more laws will come down upon legitimate natural health product manufacturers. People paint most industries with one brush. The MonaVie scam makes people who lack proper info think that all natural health products are scams. In response to these scams citizens galdly usher in new laws which prevent people from accessing good natural health products. Many of these products really do treat or prevent diseases. In most cases these natural products work and without the side effects unlike their pharma counter parts. Natural health products which have been verified to work need either by real science or by tenure and experience must to be embraced as the first option or preventative option against disease. If we can do that then the epidemics of cancer, diabetes, neuro degenerative disease, M.S etc etc will all start to disappear.

    All that being said you can buy 2 liters of 100% Acai Juice from many companies for less then $15 if you look in the right places. You can even buy a kilo of freeze dried powder that has the minimal but still real benefits of Acai from many retailers in Canada including myself for under $40. These products are whole, pure, tested for quality and concentrated way beyond what MovaVies concentrated fruit juice mixture offers. These products. They will actually deliver some (monavie lies about the amount of benefits) of the benefits that MonaVie claims.

    This company is founded for the profit of the few. It does not comply with any moral obligations to its customers and takes advantage of hundreds of thousands of under educated people. They should be outlawed and if I ever meet its founder/s they had better run really really fast.

    Same goes for XANGO BTW.

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