MonaVie Does Not Provide Energy


I’ve heard a lot of distributors claim that drinking MonaVie Original and/or MonaVie Active “gives them energy.” This is a fairly hard thing to prove as I only know of one way to objectively measuring energy – calories. MonaVie’s label lists it as having 30 calories a serving. This is a small amount of “energy”, since the normal diet is recommended at 2000 a calories a day. You’d need to take 66 servings of MonaVie a day to get the recommended energy in your diet. At a wholesale cost of 80 cents a serving ($20 for 25 1oz servings), this would cost you $52.80 a day!

Fortunately, MonaVie has indirectly proven that MonaVie Original and MonaVie Active do not provide any “real energy.” They’ve released this nugget when launching their MonaVie Energy (eMV) drink:

A significant number of energy drinks are also available in sugar free or low carbohydrate versions. These products provide very little if any “real energy,” since energy comes from calories.

You can find on that on many MonaVie sites. It’s not a coincidence that so many sites have this exact marketing pitch. The three paragraphs that the sentence comes from is exactly the same on many, many sites. All these distributors didn’t come up with the same wording independently of each other.

So if someone tells you that MonaVie Original or MonaVie Active provide them with energy, you can conclude one of three things:

  • It is the placebo effect – If this is true, the person should look for a cheaper placebo and save their hard earned dollars. Placebos should cost pennies. For someone to charge $40 (or even $20 when purchased in bulk), is fraud.
  • The person is a liar – They are simply telling you that they receive this energy because they are making a buck selling you juice
  • MonaVie (and the person distributing MonaVie Energy) is a liar – The material that they are sending out quoted above is false and that energy can come from drinks with few calories (including MonaVie Original and MonaVie Active and other drinks with “few calories”).

If there’s a four possible scenario that I didn’t anticipate, let me know in the comments.

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The MORE Project is Misusing Funds?


It’s recently come to light that MonaVie’s MORE Project may be misusing its donated funds. According to The MORE Project’s Website, “The MORE Project seeks to change lives and restore families living in poverty in Brazil.”

More Project Mission Statement

More Project Mission Statement

However, we see that the MORE Project is not putting it’s money to that cause:

MonaVie Premier says: “At MonaVie’s October 2007 Anaheim Regional Meeting, all donations to the MORE Project went directly to the Red Cross to aid those affected by the devastating wildfires in Southern California.”

MonaVie MORE California Wildfires

MonaVie MORE California Wildfires

The MonaVie collaborates: “At MonaVie’s October 2007 Anaheim Regional Meeting, all donations to the MORE Project went directly to the Red Cross to aid those affected by the devastating wildfires in Southern California.”

MonaVie MORE California Wildfires

MonaVie MORE California Wildfires

Interestingly, the Red Cross notes the donation, but gives MonaVie CEO, Dallin Larsen credit… (PDF) not the MORE Project as above stated.

What is going on here?

Is Larsen taking donations to the MORE Project and giving them to the Red Cross in his own name? If so, it would reflect very poorly on MonaVie.
Or is the MORE Project misusing it’s funds for purposes other than the ones stated in the charity’s charter as the websites state? If so, that would reflect very poorly on MonaVie’s MORE Project.

I can’t figure out a scenario where MonaVie doesn’t come out looking bad, can you?

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How Much Acai is in MonaVie?


MonaVie touts the value of acai in it’s juice saying it has “superior nutrient content” and calling it “one of the world’s top superfoods.” I believe that acai is a very good food, perhaps even a great food. However, any company that uses acai as it’s main reason for retailing at $1.80 an ounce should probably disclose how much of the ingredient is in the mixture. That’s especially true because you can get 100% acai juice for a lot less money.

MonaVie says that it can’t disclose the amount of acai in it’s blend because it would be giving up a trade secret. In theory, someone else could use the information to help decode part of the MonaVie’s secret recipe.

One thing we do know, acai is the first ingredient on the MonaVie label. With 18 other fruits in the juice, there’s likely at least 5.3% acai. As a consumer, one should take a skeptical look with their money and not assume there’s any more than that. I don’t know anyone who drinks Coca-cola for health. They pay a small amount of money for the taste. The ingredients or secret recipe is not important to the value that one receives in buying Coke if they just want good taste. If MonaVie wants to bill itself as something that tastes great and price itself similar to Coke, I’m fine with that. If it wants to bill itself as a healthy beverage, it should have to show why it’s healthier than other competing beverages at less than 1/10th the cost (like V8 Fusion Acai Berry).

It is my belief that a premium price requires proof of a lot of premium ingredients. Is that what’s in MonaVie? Only MonaVie knows, and they aren’t saying.

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Conference Call Details


There was an idea here that it would be a good idea to have a conference call.

Leave comments to organize a conference call time and date details…

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Ex-MonaVie & TEAM Distributor Explains His Metamorphosis


The following is a guest post from a former MonaVie distributor and a former member of TEAM. As editor of the site, I’ve adjusted the formatting slightly for appearance on the site.

My name’s Rasheed. No aliases, no nicknames, just Rasheed. I’m not afraid to expose my identity because I have confidence in what I say. If I am somehow shown to be wrong, I take the hit.

So as you may have have inferred, I used to be a MonaVie distributor. And boy was I a distributor. I was more like a “collector” with all of the extra cases of juice and CDs I had! If you ask anyone on my team, they’ll say that I was one of the best students of the system! Until I realized that everyone was “one of the best students of the system.”

I went to all the leadership seminars. I thought I was learning a lot. Every seminar was essentially the same though. Some rags-to-riches story of how a person became successful in MonaVie. Too many inconsistencies in their stories though. I think everyone Emerald and above were with TEAM when they were with Quixtar/Amway. However, the speakers somehow found a way to join MonaVie before their upline yet still be their downline. That’s like giving birth to your own father.

Now I’m all for motivational stories and such. But they advertise the seminars as such: “He makes $300k a year in passive income!”

That’s great, really, but anyone worth their salt will NOT bank all of their money on a single income stream. They’d invest it, or maybe have another business for income.

And you can guess what they DIDN’T talk about during the seminars. Either that, or you can reach the top of MonaVie by being financially incompetent.

Okay, so they talk about a single income stream. They focused on it! Right? Well, yes, but the seminars were basically a giant advertisement that cost $30 to attend. And food isn’t provided. You’d imagine with a $30 price tag they’d have something to eat.

Here’s how seminars usually go, and you TEAMers can attest to this:

  • Introduce how awesome the speakers are. Usually by a Gold.
  • Speaker’s wife talks about how awesome her husband is for doing what he did to get them where they are.
  • Big-shot speaker gives his presentation on how he bought every tool in existence to achieve his success. He wasn’t responsible for his success, the tools system was. The saying goes, “if you give a man stranded on a deserted island a Top 50 pack, 36 months later you’ll find a black diamond.”

No, if you give a stranded man on a deserted island a Top 50 pack, 36 months later you’ll find a rotting skeleton cursing you for not rescuing him.

By the way, if you’re not familiar, the Top 50 pack is the “Top 50 CDs ever in the system.” And they release a new one every year I think. Usually has many of the same CDs as the previous Top 50. Oh and it costs like $260. You’re paying more than retail price of the CDs themselves, maybe for that shiny case? I dunno. [Editor’s Note: Sounds a lot like Orrin Woodward and TEAM’s Trunks of Tools that we’ve seen before.]

So that’s all the seminars ever did. Promote the CDs (which were recordings of previous seminars). So it’s advertising promoting advertising promoting advertising… its an iterative cycle where as it approaches infinity, your bank account approaches zero and your upline’s bank account approaches a nice income.

So what, am I angry I didn’t succeed in MonaVie? That’s why I’m against it? Hey, you might be right. I am angry. Why? Because they taught me how to dream big but never how to achieve my dreams.

I joined MonaVie for a couple of reasons. First of all, the health. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right things, drink the right drinks. And MonaVie promised to deliver 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables. Not only that, but it was also high in antioxidants! And it was mainly composed of the most potent açai in existence! And when I tried the Active, I felt so much better! My wrist no longer hurt! MonaVie must work wonders.

Second, the wealth. My upline said this while pointing to the IDS: “If you could be any level what level would you want to be? I guarantee you that we can help you get there in 2-5 years.” Yes, he said guarantee. I hope he wasn’t told the same thing because he’d been with TEAM since ’05 and he wasn’t even a Bronze yet. [Editor’s Note: I find this particularly interesting as they guaranteed “to help”, not that you’ll actually get there… or that it is possible to get there. Looks like careful wording designed to mislead.]

My upline isn’t a bad guy, I’ll explain more in a bit. Keep reading.

Third reason: wisdom. Widsom in the form of association with wise guys and reading/listening.

Well the first reason was moot. MonaVie is NOT 7-13 servings of fruits & vegetables. Check the MonaVie site yourself. [Editor’s Note: This is a common lie MonaVie Distributor’s tell: see Drinking MonaVie is Not Equal to Eating 13 Fruits] The reason my wrist felt better was because of the glucosamine. I take liquid glucosmaine now and feel just as well. And the MonaVie ORAC score is less than stellar. [Editor’s note: Not only that, but MonaVie lies about the ORAC score of MonaVie.] So what is in MonaVie? Is it just a bottle of hopes and dreams? Well, we’ll see. Keep reading.

Now, a note about my upline. He’s a great friend. Great guy, really motivated. I have nothing but respect for him. The rest of the TEAM loves him as well. Why? Well, he’s a nice guy, first of all. But he also sets the example of what to do to explode your business.

What’d he do? Well, the leader of our TEAM re-texted a text my upline sent him. “One time I spent lots of money on tools, and my business exploded. Then the next time I spent no money on tools, and my business was stagnant. So now I just walked away from the tools table with $1.2k worth of tools.” One thousand, two hundred dollars, spent on CDs and books and brochures.

So, of course, our TEAM leader re-texted that saying that that’s how you achieve your dream! Achieve your dream by giving your money to other people!

When things go right in TEAM, it’s because of the system. When things go wrong in TEAM, its because you’re not using enough system. System system system.

If the system’s so great, then why are there many other MLMs with FREE TRAINING??? You just pay for your monthly product and you get access to ALL of the training materials online!

Now I have to say I learned a lot from the system. The system included a book of the month, and I read all of them. They’re very informative books, but published by other publishers. In other words, the books weren’t unique to TEAM. Go to a library and you’ll see all the wisdom right in front of your face.

Oh, and regarding the system: I’ve been told lies after lies about the cost of the system. Maybe my upline sucked at math, or maybe they were trying to con me. Let me explain.

Three levels of system. Basic, Power Player, Leadership.

Basic system is two CDs per week ($5 each) and a book per month (about $15). Monthly costs rise to about $55 (I was told it would cost $40 per month).

Power Player system is 4 CDs per week and a book per month. Monthly cost $95. Oh and I’m not including shipping and tax, guys! I was never quoted a price for this.

Leadership system is what creates leaders, what makes you excel in the business. Eight CDs per week and TWO books per month. That’s $190 per month. I was told EIGHTY DOLLARS PER MONTH for this option.

Now though I bought into the Basic system, I was too stingy with my money to spend the “$80 per month” for the leadership system. Good thing I was too, because I would have gone broke fast.

So what does TEAM offer? Health? Moot point seeing as a lot of the TEAM leaders, nice as they are, are slightly overweight and talk about how since they were always on the road they had to always eat fast food.

Wealth? Sure, if you can manage to get enough people to buy into your lies about the health.

Wisdom? Yeah, definitely. Once you quit TEAM you feel like you’re wiser than you ever have been before.

By the way, what are the monthly costs? Well, we have $190 for system, $300 for product, $30 for seminars, every 4 months there’s a $120 convention at somewhere far away (about $400-$600 after plane tix and hotel room), $20 for open meetings…

So $540 plus an average of $200 per month for the convention… we’re looking at $740 per month. You’re gonna need almost 8000 monthly PV in your lesser leg. If everyone in your downline does 200 PV autoship, you’re looking at 40 people in each leg JUST TO BREAK EVEN. What the hell kind of overhead is THAT??

No wonder people go broke in this industry so fast!

Oh, and just a sidenote: they always encourage buying 300 PV every month. If you can drink it all with your family, great! If not, sell it off!

I just want to know WHY you should buy a ton of excess product to SELL when you can just as easily direct them to your website to buy?

I can understand buying an extra case every so often for “tasting parties” or for letting prospects try & buy.

I always let my prospects try before they bought. Told them to try the product for a month and then to just pay me whatever they thought it was worth to them. Now thats market value. What people are willing to pay for the value it provides to them. That’s what market research does. It tells what people would be willing to pay when they’re not given a price. I don’t think MonaVie did that… or maybe they did. They found out how much people were willing to pay to buy hopes and dreams. Yippee!

Here’s another thing about MonaVie. Fastest company to $1 billion? Hah. My company’s done it faster. I sell pocket lint animals. I take the pocket lint from designer brand jeans like Diesel, Abercrombie, Hurley, and I make them into little animals that are enchanted with my magical touch. Now, I got this “magical touch” from a guy who invested $2 billion into the science of “magically touching.” So you know its legit!

Well, since it takes so long to make my pocket lint animals, and since it’s made from only the finest materials, I felt it was only fair to sell them for $100,000 each. The cool thing about the lint animals is that they attract people to you to give you money! Want proof? Just buy it, and walk around with it, and tell everyone you know that they can make tons of money if they’re willing to put the investment of $100k into the animals! They’ll be clamoring at your door to buy it! You’re gonna make so much money because I give you a slice of every animal that is sold! You only need to refer 10 people to buy my animals in order to break even! Truly, this is a deal beyond all comprehension. Compare my ten to MonaVie’s 40. And if you cant get anyone to buy, you’re not trying hard enough! Show them proof that my animals work! Look I have my right hand man Dave who’s already make tens of thousands of dollars from helping me! Don’t you want a slice of it?

You want me to prove that I made $1 billion in a week? Well, I’m privately held so you can’t enforce an audit on me.

What? You’re calling BS on me? Prove it! Prove that I’m lying!

Can’t prove it? Exactly my point. The burden of proof lies on me to prove my sales and revenue. And that’s what the case is with MonaVie. Can they prove they hit $1 billion? Or rather $2 billion now? Can you prove it? If not, shut up about it. No one cares how fast a company supposedly grows. Every time someone joins you because you tell them that MonaVie was the fastest to $1bil, $2bil, $1tril, or whatever, YOU ARE LIABLE. Every time you make a medical testimony, YOU ARE LIABLE. If you start taking your responsibilities and liabilities a bit more seriously and do research into the claims, you may find that MonaVie may not work for you. I mean how do you sell a product that has almost zero nutrition for $45? You cant! That’s the point.

Anyway, you may label me as a hater, as ignorant, or whatever. I don’t care. I’m not anti-MonaVie or anti-MLM. I’m anti lies. You should have enough integrity to not have to lie to anyone to sell a product. Tell facts. Not testimonials. Medical testimonials in a public setting are against MonaVie’s P&P’s.

Now if you can tell the truth about your product and still believe in it yourself, that’s great! If you can tell the truth about your product and still be able to sell it to people, that’s great!

I don’t care what you do with your money. It’s your money. I’d like to help you manage it better, or better yet, Lazy Man can help you manage your money better, but if you don’t want to, that’s not my problem. [Editor’s note: here is a great start]

But telling people lies in order to make some money is something I do care about. And I’d like to prevent that if possible. If you do your business with integrity, awesome. If not, then shame on you.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment. Or find me on Facebook. My name’s Rasheed Bustamam. I don’t want to have any creepy dudes like Glenn Siesser or whatever stalking me.

Take care.

To your abundance,

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Troy McHenry is a Liar


The following is a guest post by Vogel, a common commenter on this website. I’ve done some editing for readability.

This idiot Monavie distributor totally deserves to be reported to the FDA and FTC for false and misleading advertising. I couldn’t resist sharing it here before I type up a complaint.

Troy is a chiropractor based in Lansing Michigan.

He appears in several Monavie promotional videos extolling the product and “business opportunity” (chuckle). Here are a few of the highlights:

Video 1

  • 1:30 – “It has 19 certified organic fruits” – He repeats this lie at 1:50, 2:20, and 2:55…Monavie doesn’t have even contain ONE certified organic fruit… that’s worth a fine of up to $44,000]
  • 2:10 – “Two ounces in morning and 2 at night gives you 13 servings of fruits and vegetables.” – This is false advertising
  • 2:29 – “Research is showing that this is actually thickening the disc space, helping with the overall integrity of the joints in your body, increasing range of motion and decreasing pain.” – This is an illegal medical claim.
  • 2:44 – “…Monavie Pulse… this is helping control blood pressure and cholesterol” – This is an illegal medical claim

Video 2

  • 00:30 – “Patients have brought to my attention a great new product that has helped them tremendously with a lot of joint problems and inflammatory conditions” – This is an illegal medical claim
  • 00:44 – “I found that there was a team of 10 doctors that formulated Monavie” – This is laughable BS.
  • 01:03 – “Dr Jose Allongo who is an internalist and was voted top doctor in the country” – Allongo, a Monavie distributor, BOUGHT his scandalous fake “physician of the year” award in exchange for a $5,000 to the Republican National Campaign Committee (see this and this).
  • 01:22 – “I found that there were very high antioxidants in the 19 fruit blend Monavie” – This is contradicted by Monavie’s own research showing that it has a lower ORAC score (22.8 TE units/mL – 2.7 mmol per 4 oz) than half an apple (6.4 mmol per apple). Also see MonaVie vs. an Apple.
  • 03:50 – “I’m hoping more doctors will come on board and really find out how this can help their patients” – This is an illegal medical claim; Monavie does not “help patients”

Video 3

  • 01:40 – “Two ounces in morning and 2 at night, you’re getting 13 servings of fruits and vegetables.” – Again this is false advertising.
  • 01:54 — “Standard vitamins only have a 7 to 10 percent absorbancy rate; Monavie helps absorb easily into your body — it has a low surface tension” – Low surface tension??? Possibly the stupidest, most nonsensical claim about Monavie ever made.
  • 02:05 — “Monavie EMV, the all new energy drink, that’s going to help save a lot of kids lives because these synthetic energy drinks that out there are very dangerous…” – A close runner-up in the “most retarded claim about Monavie” contest.

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MonaVie EMV, Red Bull, Sugar, and Caffeine


Recently a distributor known as Babylove commented about how one should just try MonaVie. In that comment she said, “Plus, [MonaVie] sell[s] an Energy drink that is 10x better then any other one already out there. I’ve tried it and its really good and 80% pure fruit not like the sugars and Caffeine amounts in Redbull, Rockstar, etc.”

Note: I’ve cleaned up her grammar quite a bit…

I should start off by saying that I’m not a particularly big fan of energy drinks in general. I don’t think they are particularly healthy (MonaVie EMV included) and price-wise, I put them in the category near bottled water. In general, they are extremely expensive. In my opinion, this is like comparing two crimes to see which less bad… neither is good.

Let’s look at a MonaVie Emv nutritional label. You might may want to open that up in another tab or window as you read this.

  • You should note that in 8.4 ounces there are 22 grams of sugar. Red Bull has 27 grams of sugar. That’s difference of 5 grams of sugar. Before you claim that is significant realize that it is 20 calories or 1/100 of your daily calorie intake… not a big deal. However, let’s continue on.
  • I seem to see some Palatinose on the label. It turns out that it is also sugar, but it is a man-made sugar and one that doesn’t exist in nature – see this information on Palatinose. So there are 37 grams of sugar in MonaVie Emv. Compare that to the 27 grams in Red Bull and all of a sudden MonaVie EMV looks 10x worse (and it’s more expensive).
  • MonaVie EMV is 170 calories while Red Bull is 110 calories… Red Bull wins by a wide margin.
  • You say that MonaVie EMV doesn’t have the caffeine amounts as Red Bull, and you are right (sort of). It seems that MonaVie Emv contains 60mg of caffeine – while Red Bull has 76mg of caffeine (click the sports/energy column for the proof). Generic coffee has between 95-200mg (click on the coffee column of the previous link) . All serving sizes of these are approximately 8 ounces, so it is a fair comparison. Red Bull has more caffeine than Emv, but to put it in perspective, the difference amounts to the caffeine amount in one ounce of coffee. Many people would prefer the option with more caffeine as that is the active ingredient in energy drinks. I could create you an energy drink with 10mg of caffeine, but you wouldn’t get much energy out of it.

In the end, I don’t see MonaVie Emv being anywhere near 10x better than Red Bull. And at $2.80 per serving, it is extremely expensive, MonaVie Emv is really expensive.

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Interest in MonaVie is Fading


It is July 28th, 2010 as I post this, and something fairly interesting came to my attention… interest in MonaVie is fading… and fading fast.

I have to give credit to frequent commenter, mysterious for this for this first chart. It comes from which is a well-known website traffic measuring source: traffic according to traffic according to

You can get a recent update (assuming that you are reading this after July 28th, 2010) on Monavie Traffic by clicking here.

The interesting thing to me is that MonaVie traffic is 1/4th of what it was a year ago. Ouch. It looks like the anonymous tipster that said revenue was down more than 18% may be right.

Some MonaVie distributors will likely throw out some kind of conspiracy theory that isn’t accurate. They’ll probably go digging up a bunch of stuff that supports that argument. In anticipation of that, I decided to add a second, even more trustworthy source… Google. Their Google Trends product can tell you how much interest there is in something overtime. It does this by analyzing the data on billions of daily searches… a vast sample size. What does Google say about the interesting in MonaVie? It’s fading.

MonaVie - Google Trends

Interest in MonaVie according to Google Trends

Looking at the chart, you can see MonaVie has been fading since the beginning of 2009. Interest is the currently the same as it was in early 2007… just one year after it started showing up on Google’s radar.

You can see the latest on MonaVie on Google Trends here

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MonaVie, Acai, and Fruit Flies


It turns out that MonaVie is directing distributors to talk about a study about acai and fruit flies. The study in question is:

Sun X, Seeberger J, Albericol T, Schauss AG, Zou S. Açai palm fruit (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) pulp improves survival of flies on a high fat diet. Exp Gerontol. 2010;45:243-251.

You can find a synopsis of the article here.

A smart consumer may recognize that this another MonaVie marketing gimmick. To start with this is another piece of “research” with MonaVie’s Dr. Alex Schauss name attached. That makes 100% of all positive research that MonaVie recommends by their own Dr. Alex Schauss.

The other things to note about this “research”:

  1. It was done with acai
  2. MonaVie is not acai
  3. Acai is not MonaVie
  4. It was done on fruit flies
  5. Fruit flies are not humans
  6. Dogs are more advanced that fruit flies and more like humans (they aren’t insects, can understand language, clearly display emotion, etc…)
  7. MonaVie can be harmful to dogs

So what we have here is MonaVie trying to pretend it is acai. We have MonaVie trying to pretend that study about something else (acai) on fruit flies is something consumers should consider. We have information that MonaVie may be harmful to more advanced forms of life like dogs. It is completely without logic that one could apply this study to humans and MonaVie.

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MonaVie Research

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Monavie is Embarrassed by Their Income Disclosure Statement? (Part 2)


[The following is a guest post from Anonymous Aussie, a frequent commenter on this website. I think it was intended to be a regular comment to the original article, but I think the mathematics that she points out is something that should be highlighted and are grounds for further discussion.]

MonaVie Distributor Tom states “Show me any company in the world (with revenue about $1 billion a year) that has that many distributors making more than $160K a year. If you use company’s materials stick to what they say.”

Monavie states they are making $1 billion in revenue though they do not release financial information to support such claims and therefore, this statement remains unproven. See MonaVie – Is MonaVie the Fastest Company to $1 Billion Dollars in … for more information on that.

Secondly, what percentage of any revenue earned was from bona fide sales to persons not associated with the scheme and what percentage is from the investments and purchases from its own sales force?! Monavie do not disclose this information either however, judging by Tom’s description that he is consuming everything that he buys, as does his downline (and as does his upline whom he is duplicating), I’d say not much and it serves Monavie well to withhold such a vital piece of information from the public.

Monavie hopes the average distributor is unable to perform basic arithmetic (and this is an accurate assumption in Tom’s circumstances), however we’re able to elicit from the information provided in the 2009 Global IDS the real opportunity that Monavie represents to the average distributor/consumer (again, the distributors are the consumers).

If ALL the distributors were included in the Income disclosure statement (that is, the 87% who did not qualify for commissions – 620,431), the figures would confirm the following facts:

Total distributors = 713,139

Royal Black Diamond and above through to Bronze Executives (2570) = 0.36% of the total sales force.

The above 0.36% of distributors were paid 53% of the total commissions and averaged $1516.70 per week.

Star 1000 through to Distributor level (90,138) = 12.64% of the total sales force and averaged $37.33 per week

$37.33 per week clearly represents a LOSS when all costs are factored into (autoship, training tools, phone calls, travel, attending seminars, etc).

The remaining 620,431 distributors (87%) earned ZERO.

Clearly it’s accurate to say that 99.64% of the ENTIRE sales force LOST money.

The top weighted compensation plan is further confirmed when you consider that those ranked Royal Black Diamond and above through to Ruby Executives (377) who equate to 0.053% of the total sales force received 37.53% of the total commissions paid.

The above group of 0.053% averaged $7227.87 per week.

Even with the Gold, Silver and Bronze Executive earnings included with the remaining distributors (through to distributor level), this group of 92,331 (12.94% of the total sales force) still only averaged $49.13 per week.

Lets not forget again that 620,431 of the sales force earned absolutely ZERO.

Monavie have misrepresented the facts surrounding this farcical opportunity and fraudulently promoted a scheme whereby they elude to inform people as at the time they sign up that greater than 99% of the entire sales force are losing money.

Tom, the hypocrisy lies with a company who has policies and procedures in place which are necessary to ensure the legality of the scheme but which they do no enforce in any way at all, thus leaving the business in the incapable hands of uninformed, gullible and money driven distributors such as yourself.

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