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Numerous times in the thousands of comments of my MonaVie article, I have been asked to be open-minded about MonaVie. I was told that by simply asking for evidence that MonaVie is better for you than other juices that I was being closed-minded, not open-minded.

However, one of the comments amazed me. It was this video clearly describing open-mindedness:

In order to have an intelligent debate on the value of MonaVie, one must recognize the concepts in the above video. Many (myself included) are open-minded about MonaVie. However, people should not accept all concepts from others on their face value. There should be scientific evidence from both sides of the debate supporting the claim.

Dozens of times in the aforementioned comments of the blog post, there have been claims of people witnessing medical situation X and attributing it to MonaVie, when there are a number of other valid explanations, such as the placebo effect. These are not scientific studies and carry no more weight for their argument than if they had said ghosts were moving the lamp shade.

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22 Responses to “Being Open-Minded About MonaVie”
  1. John Copland Says:

    I was excited about MonaVie for a short while after I first heard about it and then I did some Internet research. I think most people who are not interested in becoming a MonaVie distributor will lose lose their excitement when they learn more about some of the controversy around this very expensive product.

  2. Crissy Bergum Says:

    MonaVie has its points, but people will always find the “no” in anything. MonaVie since i have been involved doesn’t claim anything but 19 worldly fruits in a bottle something you should be comsuming everyday anyway, yes you can tear it apart but do you think you can buy all the fruits and put them together to taste descent for free No! You also have to admit we are postitive about what is going here and where the company is going and why shouldn’t a company reward those who work hard and not the ones who just sit back and wear a suit. I’m sorry but for all of those that think you are entitled “you have to work at it” and this company gives it to you instead of the better you do they take it away. To anyone who reads MonaVie and is it a scam. Consider where you work and what they do for you, do they reward you, and are you getting anything out of it plus being envolved means you drink for free when you share it. To anyone who reads the label would you drink it if it read 500 fat grams or 1000 calories nope you would put it back. Not all good things get a chance, this is a great thing with too many good things to come. ignorance is our greatest evil look beyond that and look what Monavie is doing to stimulant your economy and your world.

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I love the first sentence of “MonaVie has its points, but people will always find the “no” in anything.” It means nothing. Try replacing “MonaVie” with “grand larceny” or “murder” there and you’ll see what I mean.

    MonaVie distributors claim a lot more than “19 worldly fruits” including medical benefits. It’s irrelevant what MonaVie itself claims when end users are buying based what distributors say.

    There’s no evidence that those fruits are more helpful than other fruits. Plus MonaVie HQ itself says it’s not a substitute for eating fruit. So you have to go out and buy the fruit anyway – MonaVie is just an extra cost.

    Being envolved in MonaVie doesn’t mean you drink it for free. I’ll sign up today and ask them to ship me 10 cases for free – let’s see if that works…

    You make a lot of points that have nothing to do with anything like the label and 500 fat grams or 1000 calories. I’ve never seen that label on any product at a grocery store.

    Why not explain why MonaVie is a great thing rather than just say it is.

  4. Paul Says:

    -MonaVie Scam

    I haven’t read or heard anyone directly imply that this juice is a cure all medicine(they usually say this in whatever blog you are reading). However, it only makes sense that if your body requires fruits and vegetables to reamin healthy, then drinking something with fruits and vegetables in it will help keep you healthy. Also most people have crappy diets. So if you are like most Americans who drink soda and beer and eat burgers everyday then you are most likely not that healthy. So if you even started a daily regiment of a couple days and a glass of juice you would prob feel loads better. I won’t lie that it seems expensive and the guys at the top are making all the money.


    “There’s no evidence that those fruits are more helpful than other fruits. Plus MonaVie HQ itself says it’s not a substitute for eating fruit. So you have to go out and buy the fruit anyway – MonaVie is just an extra cost.”

    It is very easy to look up the different benefits from one fruit/vegetable to another. Just because you have never taken the time to look it up does not disprove it.

    If you don’t like Mona Vie or their products and don’t buy them then that is fine. It’s no sweat off your back so why bother other people with your opinions that you prob took from someone else.

  5. MonaVie Scam Says:

    It’s true that fruit and vegetables are good for you. However, that doesn’t mean you have to $45 for fruit juice. There are 100% fruit juices that are $3 that are shown to be healthier than MonaVie, so it doesn’t make sense to spend more money for less nutrition.

    People who are unhealthy are better off having a 8 ounces of one of these juices with more antioxidants than an ounce or four of MonaVie.

    Paul said, “It is very easy to look up the different benefits from one fruit/vegetable to another. Just because you have never taken the time to look it up does not disprove it.”

    If you were actually eating the fruit, that would be one thing. You aren’t eating the fruit – you are drinking juice that has been tested to not be as good as eating an apple.

    I do present opinion here, but I back it up with facts (like the Men’s Journal study here – I choose not to buy MonaVie because I find it a poor use for my money when I can something better for less than 1/10th the cost.

    I don’t “bother” other people with my opinions. Those who want to read them are welcome to. Those who don’t know how close their browser or look elsewhere. I’m not harassing or chasing anyone down the street (now that would be a bother).

    I provide this information because people should have it to make their buying decisions. I like to be a consumer advocate and find it rewarding.

  6. Cornelius Says:

    I just want to thank MVScam for all his work. Consumer advocates are needed at all times but especially when dealing with a product like MV where its basically caveat emptor. keep up the good work!!!

  7. Rex Says:

    If acai is the miracle that Monavie claims it is, then why do they blend it with other inexpensive ingredients?

    Just how much acai is in Monavie anyway? They won’t say.
    From the Monavie Website FAQ:
    Q: How much açai is in the MonaVie juice blend?

    A: The exact amount of açai, or of the other fruits,
    contained in our blend is not disclosed. This is considered
    one of the company’s greatest intellectual
    assets. However, the ingredients appear on the
    label in order, by amount, from most to least. This
    means that because açai is the first ingredient listed
    on the label, it is the most abundant.

    “…Their greatest intellectual asset?!” What a load of feces! What they are actually saying is that deception is their greatest intellectual asset.

    Although Acai is the first ingredient on the list, and therefore the highest percentage, by volume, there are EIGHTEEN other ingredients in the blend. This means that the amount of acai could be as low as 6% and still meet federal guidelines for ingredient labeling.

    Their website doesn’t even post the “Nutrition Facts” label that is required by the FDA on all food products. Even Kool Aid posts their nutrition facts label!

    Oh yea… their “Active Blend’s” other ingredients include “natural flavor (whatever that is), sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate (Preservatives)”

    This company relies on upscale packaging and deception in order to lure new customers.

    At $35.00 per bottle, one bottle per week, that’s $1680 per year. A fool and their money are soon parted…

    Better: with $1600 one can buy a treadmill, a year worth of fresh fruit and veggies and a high end blender (like a Vitamix) and make your own juice.

  8. Burned Out With MV Says:

    They claim the other fruits “synergistically enhance” the Acai, maybe-maybe not, in reality pure Acai tastes horrible to most people, worse than the other stuff, can’t remember the name, which was out just before Mona Vie was launched.

  9. Dave Says:

    My wife got Shanghaied into going to one of these “parties”. Yes, she dragged me along. Let see, first, this wasn’t a “party” it was a sales presentation. Parties are where you chat with people about your work and hobbies and share a beverage or two and some snacks. The only thing served was a shot glass of fruit juice. No crackers or chips or anything and they are trying to convince me that they are all getting rich selling this stuff? Jeez – at least share the wealth and put out a veggie tray! Two words came to mind during the presentation: “Snake oil” and “pyramid scheme” – OK that’s four words, but you know what I mean. There was not a tremendous amount of sales pressure which was good, and we were given a part of a bottle to take home to try. Well, I have my doubts that this stuff will cure anything that other berry juice won’t. It probably is good for you, but $40 a bottle! I don’t pay that for wine! And I am not about to start pestering everyone I know to try it or to go to a “party”. Just eat better and take some vitamins and you will probably do much better than you will if you rely on this stuff. And you’ll have some money left at the end of the month and your friends won’t avoid you!

  10. Rick Says:

    How is this a Pyramid Scheme? If you can make more money than the person who signed you up how is that a Pyramid?

    Isn’t a regular job a pyramid? Can the Vice-President make more than the President? Can the Secretary make more then the Vice-President. No there is a chain of command and it works it’s way down.

    Monavie you can make more than a person that got in before you or signed you up…………

    No wonder they are starting to teach Network Marketing at particular universities because it’s a legit business and great way to start a business for a minimal investment. I wonder why Warren Buffet has his own Network Marketing Business? Go Check out Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad talking about this type of Business. Wake up people this dude who makes this site is a clown………

  11. MonaVie Scam Says:

    That’s a great question, Rick. Unfortunately, I answered it numerous times on this site. So to prevent me from having to do the work to explain why most regular jobs are not a regular pyramid, here you go: I have another link at the end of that article which is something really worth looking into.

    Why does Warren Buffet have his own Network Marketing Business? Here’s your answer:

    I happen to think that Robert Kiyosaki’s ideas are inspirational, but even he admits that his books are “a motivational tool”, not a “guide to wealth.” Check out Wikipedia for more information. In fact Kiyosaki calls 401k plans the biggest scam ever. Here is some fun reading on that topic: Robert Kiyosaki is Off his Rocker (Again) – Is The 401(k) Really the Biggest Scam Ever? Look up any personal finance guru and he/she will tell you that a 401K is not a scam.

    If you read Rich Dad Poor Dad, you know what he says about assets and liabilities. One should acquire assets that continue to product income and shun liabilities that deplete your income. Spending $5000 a year for a family of five to drink MonaVie is clearly a liability and a huge one. So if anyone is telling you that Kiyosaki is promoting MonaVie, go read Rich Dad Poor Dad and ask yourself if he would be your customer.

  12. Vogel Says:

    Dick said: “How is this a Pyramid Scheme? If you can make more money than the person who signed you up how is that a Pyramid?”

    1. Monavie is often (and aptly) referred to as a pyramid scheme because of its primary focus on recruitment and because much of the sale of product appears to be between distributors rather than from distributor to retail customer. That’s an unsustainable model because it relies on endless recruitment in order for the latest joiners to see revenue growth. Exponential recruitment, which this model requires, is a mathematical impossibility. Eventually, a pyramid must reach critical mass and then die because there are no people left to recruit, thus leaving the newest distributors without the possibility of significant revenue.

    2. The possibility (slim in this case) of making more money than the person who signed you is not a determinant of whether or not a company is a pyramid.

    Dick said: “Isn’t a regular job a pyramid?”

    No, not even close. That you would ask this feeble question shows that you don’t even vaguely understand what constitutes a pyramid scheme (or more likely, that you are purposely trying to mislead people). Bear in mind that “regular jobs” pay at least minimum wage; Monavie does not. “Regular jobs” provide benefits like 401Ks and health insurance to all of their employees; again, Monavie does not

    Dick said: “Can the Vice-President make more than the President? Can the Secretary make more then the Vice-President.”

    1. Yes. 2. Possible but unlikely…so what? Salesmen can earn more than their sales managers; VPs can make more than Presidents; janitors with good stock options can make more than a newly hired VP. Anyone who is qualified and skilled at what they do can work their way up the ranks from the bottom to the top.

    Dick said: “Monavie you can make more than a person that got in before you or signed you up”

    Riiiight. Go over the list of the 7 veteran distributors at the top of the pyramid. Who has come along as a bottom-level distributor, worked their way up the ranks (not by bringing a pre-existing downline from Amway or another MLM) and eclipsed them? (answer…none) How many people in the pyramid make more than Dallin Larsen and Randy Marsh? You don’t know right. OK, fine…then shut up about this already?

    “No wonder they are starting to teach Network Marketing at particular universities because it’s a legit business and great way to start a business for a minimal investment.”

    Actually, that’s not even remotely true. It’s just BS that Utah-pyramid scheme operators like to parrot to disguise the fact that they are operating an unethical and often illegal business. Is anyone really gullible enough to believe it? Are you?

    I did a quick Google search for “multilevel marketing”, limiting the search results to sites with the “.edu” suffix. What I found were university websites warning against multilevel marketing and calling it a pyramid scheme.

    The startup costs for Monavie are not insignificant either. In order to get the lowest wholesale rice on the product, one must order 10 cases a month. That’s a huge investment. Just drinking this crap juice (rather than selling it) is a big investment (roughly 2K per year…for freakin’ fruit juice!). Factor in the replicated website, the grossly overpriced promotional materials, the pathetic “training” event tickets, gas money, etc. That’s a sizable investment and the ROI is dismal.

    Dick said: “Wake up people this dude who makes this site is a clown”

    Dude, you just did the intellectual equivalent of donning a red rubber nose, a polka-dot jumpsuit, and oversized novelty shoes, and yet you have the gall to call Lazyman a clown?

  13. Rick Says:

    That’s Great Scamboy but what do your articles prove or show really?

    Monavie isn’t a pyramid scheme, It’s a legit sustainable very lucrative shall you pursue it hard type of business.

    So because someone writes a article and you post it means Monavie is a pyramid?

    Again Pyramid indicates more a chain of command from top to bottom. In Monavie you can make more than the person who got in earlier than you or who signed you up.

    As far as Warren Buffet he’s selling a solid product just like Monavie is. You drink the Juice for a extended period of time or know alot of people who have? Some people feel something some don’t. I know many who have helping with anything from Cholesterol to helping their vision.

    Do people in Monavie go around selling bottles for $45? Hell no, You can but that’s not how you make money in this business. You can get the bottles anywhere from $20-$35 dollars when you buy wholesale. You can literally sign up 4 people and start paying about $20-$40 a case now your paying either $5-$10 a bottle.

    Sambazon doesn’t offer that opportunity. Other Companies selling Acai don’t offer that either. Monavie’s products are legit and they are stepping up to the plate with new age ingredients like Wellmune which is in M-mun and Palintinose which is in the Emv.

    As far as Kiyosaki he talks up Network Marketing and promotes it as a great way to start a business………

    I don’t see why he wouldn’t promote Monavie……

  14. Rick Says:

  15. Rick Says:

    To Vogel:

    Do you know how many people are on this damn earth? You think Distributors are gonna run out of people to recruit? You know how many people in America prob have no idea what Monavie is? I know in the Northeast about 80% of people probably have no idea what Monavie is.

    This Business is sustainable…….

    Obviously you just talk out your ass cuz if knew anything about Monavie you would know that alot of people are making more than the person who signed them up or people that got in before them.

    Yea obviously your not gonna make more than Dallin, but you can make more than many other distributors that got in before you.

    Yea they teach networking marketing at universities go dig a bit deeper……They teach it because it’s a great form of business.

    Dr. Charles King of the University of Illinois at Chicago developed and has taught a seminar in network marketing since 1994. The class, which combines a functional approach to theory, methods, and practice for the network marketing distributor has attracted more than 1,100 participants.

    The first college textbook focusing on direct sales (including network marketing) has been written and published by Dr. Keith Laggos, whose company sells a number of periodicals aimed at home-based entrepreneurs. This text has been adopted by Utah Valley State College for use in a network marketing program it hopes to offer on campus in the year 2000.

    You can buy at 3, 6, or 12 cases……12 cases you can get the juice for $1000 bucks that’s a huge investment? That’s a huge investment to start a buisness? Really? If you think that’s huge you must be broke……..That is the most you can get in for. You can start at 1 case for $140 or 2 cases at $240 which is what the majority do. Then they go and recruit people and some pay for their juice in 1 week sometimes it takes a month or two. Their consumption of the juice gets them into the business.

    Why are so many people unsuccessful at this business? Because they quit, because people tell them they are crazy they are stupid and or they come on mis-informed sites like this and get discouraged. That is why so the numbers are so high for failure. Also because a ton of people just sign up as distributors and just drink the juice and don’t do anything with the business.

    Step inside the arena before you judge because all you guys are doing right now is judging without all the facts and judging without truly knowing the people involved in this company.

    If you really want all your questions answered get involved with the company for 6 months and then offer your opinion. Not on stuff you hear or read about or things you find on the internet. If you look for the negative on anything you can find it especially in today’s world.

  16. Vogel Says:

    Dick, give it up already. You are vainly defending a product that has been proven to be substandard and which costs up to 25 times much than a plethora of products (juices and fresh fruits) that are of better quality. The ranks of your company are infested with thieves (Phil Driscoll), liars (Dallin Larsen and too many others to count), cheats (Kevin Vokes), frauds (Paul Clayton, Ralph Carson, Jose Allongo), and, yes, even rapists (Lou Niles). Your company is a chronic violator of US law (the Code of Federal Regulations; Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act). Your CEO ran his previous miracle-juice company into the ground by making illegal promotional claims. Your IDS is a disgrace and proves that 95% of your distributors make far less than minimum wage.

    You can’t change these facts by redirection, red herrings, or childish denials.

  17. Vogel Says:

    BTW, Dick, at the conclusion of the Kiyosaki video you posted, he says that he recommends MLM because it “teaches you to build your income”. But according to the IDS, Monavie does a very poor job of teaching people to build income, given that about 95% of distributors are making less than minimum wage, barely breaking even, or losing money. The FDA pulled the plug on Monavie CEO Dallin Larsen’s last fraudulent juice company, even though he had made big promises about the potential for long-term earnings. That doesn’t exactly instill confidence for people who are considering investing their time in trying to build a Monavie “business”. Considering also that a significant number of Monavie distributors are promoting the product illegally as a disease cure, and that the company is now openly violating FDA regulations (see transcript of the Indianapolis meeting), the long term prospects for distributors don’t look good at all.

  18. Rick Says:

    You should give it up, Because rather than base things off first hand experience you base them off things you read and hear about. Also instead of addressing my post you just resort to bashing Monavie and trying to discredit them as much as possible. Thieves? Dalin Larsen what did he do wrong? The FDA shut him down because they have strict rules that Herbs and Supplements can’t be called drugs and can’t cure, treat, prevent a disease only drugs made by drug companies can. It doesn’t make him a bad man or a evil person. The guy has alot of integrity and class. He is a humble man who is doing a great service to alot of people. No 1’s life is being destroyed because of Monavie Ok? It’s simply a health product that you can choose to drink and a business opportunity that you can choose to venture into. Some people go hard the majority do not. That is why you will see that 90% are making little money because 90% don’t do anything! They just either drink the juice or they try the business out for a couple weeks or months and then quit. Again your judging by looking at a stat. Stats never tell the whole story………..There is always more to the story and it usually takes experience to understand what the rest of the story entails and in that department you are highly lacking…………

    Why are Clayton and Ralph Carson frauds because you read an internet article about them hahah..

    You obviously don’t know how the product has effected people. It has with many different ailments. It’s not a cure but rather just a very solid nutritional product that offers a great business around it. The product is legit one test by Chromadex by one of their products doesn’t disprove that. Or Foodtech’s Apple vs Monavie theory lol………

    You may have some distributors making false claims and saying false things but what can you do? Like Dalin says it’s like herding cats they will say what they will say. However you can’t base what a couple distributors say and generalize all of Monavie that is simply not fair. Again lack of experience with this company prevents you from understanding that.

    Try and discredit Kiyosaki as it compares to Monavie now. Again if you find another Video of Kiyosaki he says most guys are just afraid and are scared because they won’t come out of their comfort zone. That is what this business is all about. It’s about beating the odds, most people won’t make it but some will. It’s not a easy business to pursue there is alot of obstacles to overcome. Again that is why the ratio is so low for success not only that but alot of what makes up the 90% is people who are just drinking or drank the products as distributors and never pursued the buisness.

    If there was a stat out there that revealed the percentage of money being made by people who stuck with the business for over a year you would see a much higher success rate. So you can keep bashing the IDS all you want because the business model works and it’s very very powerful. You don’t need to sign up a gazillion people to become successful. They are hard to find but when you find the right people 4-5 solid business builders is all you need to become successful. Again it takes time patience and persistence.

    Also something you left out that Kiyosaki mentions is that he recommends Network Marketing because the Investment is minimal which allows you to learn the business skills to become successful. If you stick with this Business long enough you will learn the necessary business skills and you will become successful and make other people successful as well

  19. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I don’t need to get first-hand experience playing Russian Roulette to know that it’s not good. First-hand experience is overrated, especially because you can’t try everything. Have you tried a combination of expensive aged French wine with shark cartilage? I’m guessing not. Does that mean you can’t talk intelligently about it? No. We know quite a bit about the effects of wine and we know quite a bit about shark cartilage. We also know a lot about fruit and we’ve read a lot of negative tests of MonaVie by MonaVie advisor Dr. Alex Schauss.

    No one’s life is being ruined by MonaVie? Someone on this site already said that he filed for bankruptcy because of it. Also you may want to read this other e-mail that I’ve gotten:

    You say that 90% of the people don’t do anything. I don’t think that’s true. Why would they sign up and go through the paperwork to not do anything. If it’s like most people, they tried to tell their friends and those friends realized it was a scam and didn’t want to get involved. Many distributors say you aren’t doing anything if you aren’t buying more product to share, more tools, paying for airline, hotels, and convention fees. It’s a bait and switch where distributors lure you in with a low fees only to change the pitch and say that you have to spend a lot more to actually be successful.

    I base my opinion on Dr. Carson and Dr. Clayton on their own words. For instance: see this article on Dr. Carson, He violates multiple FTC guidelines on in his CBS Radio interview (a paid advertising spot, I should mention). In fact, they are same violations that Dallin Larsen’s Dynamic Essentials was fined $2M for (“cancers, tumors, diabetes, Alzheimers disease”). It’s worth noting that Dr. Carson was a co-founder of MonaVie.

    As for Dr. Clayton, you’ll want to read this article:, but especially focus on the comments. It’s clear that he’s misrepresenting himself. His speech makes it sound like A) he jumped at the opportunity to help spread the word of Mmun B) that he went to Oxford University and C) that he’s a medical doctor. Very little investigation shows that he was paid by MonaVie to speak, didn’t go to Oxford University, and is a pharmacist. (I have all the respect in the world for pharmacists – my wife is one. However, she doesn’t go around using her doctor title.)

    The product isn’t just shown to be poor by Chromadex, but MonaVie’s own Dr. Alex Schauss shows that the juice isn’t very nutritious. Also FoodTech, with his own money, agreed to have MonaVie tested himself. To make everything fair, he discussed with in a bunch of MonaVie distributors what was the best way to ensure that the test was valid and fair. The distributors agreed how to deliver the two bottles to a facility of their choosing (they chose Chromadex as well it seems). It went for testing and both sides agreed the results that would come out of it are fair. Well the tests came back showing very little nutrition. So there are multiple tests here that show MonaVie to not be very nutritious and no tests showing MonaVie to helpful.

    If you think that MonaVie has helped people, you might want to research the placebo effect: It could be making people believe they are being helped where their underlying condition continues to get worse while it remains untreated. This is why we do scientific tests and don’t rely on people’s perceptions. Like optical illusions, perception can be misleading.

    “You may have some distributors making false claims and saying false things but what can you do? Like Dalin says it’s like herding cats…” You can make them distribute it through normal stores. You don’t see people making illegal claims for cranberry juice do you? As for a few bad apples, that’s not close to the case. There have been hundreds here. Also at the Indianapolis regional Henry Marsh himself was bringing people up on stage so they can talk about how MonaVie helped their children’s autism. At the very least, you can herd the obvious cats that are high up like Henry Marsh.

    Kiyosaki is pretty easy to discredit. Just do a couple of Internet searches. Almost everyone things he’s pretty bad. The Wikipedia article points out how The Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine criticize him. I think more people will believe those two well respected publications over Kiplinger. You may also note that Kiyosaki’s talk about being scared and afraid of being out their comfort zone is not a reason to try something. Jumping off the Empire State Building definitely brings me out of my comfort zone.

    If it’s about beating odds, why not just play the lottery? It’s a whole lot easier and less time consuming.

    We’ve already covered that Network Marketing business is not minimal. There are multiple cases to buy to share with others (that’s a few hundred dollars), there are tools to buy (a few hundred more), conferences to go to (airline ticket, hotels, meals, conference fees – a few thousand more). It may be cheap to get in, but if you want to “beat the odds” as you put it, any MonaVie distributor will tell that those expenses are required.

  20. Magic Man Says:

    Wow! I’m glad you posted that vid for everyone to see MS.

    Unfortunately, the point of it seems to be lost on some (reading some of the off-topic comments above).

  21. Rasheed Says:

    Rick, be a bit more open-minded. That’s all I have to say.

  22. Mackwiz Says:

    That is an awesome video. I couldn’t have even come close to discussing open-mindedness and skepticism so clearly.

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