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Posted by MonaVie Scam on September 28, 2010 in Open Discussion. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

17 Responses to “Asea Open Discussion”
  1. Mackwiz Says:

    Asea seems to be salt water. That is the only two ingredients in the bottle, sodium and chloride (along with water).

  2. Stephen Says:

    ASEA is far from just salt water.

    ASEA 100% duplicates the molecule called REDOX SIGNALING that is in every cell of our body.
    Excluding our reproduction cells.

    The balanced redox signaling molecule is responsible for repairing cells when they get damaged. They have a 2 hour window to do this.
    If this can not be done the cells begin reproducing themselves as damaged cells….
    which are diseases.

    The scientists at ASEA have 100% duplicated and stabilized the balanced redox signaling molecule. Stabilized means a one year shelf life.

    There are only two places that balanced redox signaling molecules can be found.
    1. In every cell of your body
    2. In a bottle of ASEA.

    One last thing the balanced redox signaling molecule in each of your cells is salt water.

    To all of you none believers ASEA is far from another snake oil.

    ASEA is the most revolutionary invention for athletes, dancers and the medical world in the past 50 years.

  3. MonaVie Scam Says:

    A fair amount of research has been done in here before and it looks like, “salt water.”

    If it’s the most revolutionary invention in the medical world in the last 50 years surely, my doctor will recommend it to me. We’ll see how that goes.

  4. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Stephen, where the research and who are the scientists? No doubt there’d be independent studies?

    Please provide us with links to the studies undertaken on the product so that we can verify the claims you have made.

    A revolutionary salt water – and sold through an MLM??!! Oh, and the company headquarters based in Utah – otherwise known by some to be the pyramid scam capital of the world??!! Sounds amazing. Amazingly familiar BS.

  5. CGC Says:

    Thanks for the laugh Stephen. I’d love to see some evidence for any of those claims. Of course I don’t mean studies done by the mail-order-diploma “scientists” working for ASEA. Do you even have the slightest notion as to what that mumbo-jumbo you cut and pasted even means? Do you have any training in chemistry or a field involving the understanding of human physiology that would give you a sliver of qualification to comprehend your product’s claims?

    Here’s a link to some info on more of these water related pseudosciences:

    Maybe you should read up on some of these Stephen. You may want to add to your useless product line, perhaps some Pi Water?

  6. Vogel Says:

    Stephen said: “ASEA 100% duplicates the molecule called REDOX SIGNALING that is in every cell of our body.”

    Big problem there Stephen. There is no such thing as a molecule called “redox signalling”. The term refers to a general process whereby cells relay chemical signals internally and communicate with one another. It involves a plethora of biochemical (i.e. reduction-oxidation) reactions and signalling molecules. There most certianly is NOT a single molecule called “redox signalling”.

    Aside from that, ASEA is nothing more than salty water, and drinking salty water has no significant impact on redox signalling (the process that is).

    Be aware that your demonstration of woeful ignorance regarding biochemistry does little to help the case for ASEA. In fact, it only helps to solidify its scam/snakeoil status.

  7. CGC Says:

    In the words of Isaac Asimov:

    “It is precisely because it is fashionable for Americans to know no science, even though they may be well educated otherwise; that they so easily fall prey to nonsense. They thus become part of the armies of the night, the purveyors of nitwittery, the retailers of intellectual junk food, the feeders on mental cardboard, for their ignorance keeps them from distinguishing nectar from sewage.”

    He wrote that 28 years ago, yet these MLM companies are thriving on its enduring truth.

  8. Mackwiz Says:

    Isn’t that the truth.

    Check out this facebook comment:

    “You can even spray ASEA on your skin or try it on your plantes and they will love you for this.Redox signaling molecules are found in every living form.That is why we call ASEA a breakthrough in health.”

    How about this awesome Tweet I found:

    “No other company in the world knows the science behind Redox Signaling like we do”

    The reason why they went after this “redox signaling” angle is pretty obvious. It is a very complicated process, thus enabling these people to make up some BS, tack it on top, and claim it miracle science. Replace “Antioxidants” with “Redox Signaling” and you’ve just tweaked your snake oil for the new decade!

  9. Brent Hansen Says:

    I had someone approach me with Asea months ago and it is a carbon copy of the Monavie compensation plan. Total scam!

  10. MonaVie Scam Says:

    That’s why I wrote the post. I was thinking of expanding upon it and not just based on the compensation aspect of it. There seems to be enough scammy stuff without even going there.

  11. Brent Hansen Says:

    @MonaVie Scam, although I analyze a model from every standpoint, the one that is the most clear indictor of a companies motive and intent is the compensation plan.

    Since we can assume by a real definition that 90% plus of all mlms are merely internal consumption models, we can use that hypothesis to determine a maximum success ratio (minus mitigating factors), that can be applied to measure the strength/weakness of a plan.

    I do not fall for the redefinition of distributors/customers, because in 16 years in the industry, I have rarely witnessed a customer outside of the compensation plan. It would be safe to say that less than 1% continue purchasing product after ceasing to pursue the business model. Because of that reality, we can also do computations based on the fact that people are joining MLM as a business venture. I know this is a highly debated topic, but I think the “pro” sides debate is highly overshadowed by the mathematics of their compensation plan. They love to say that only 5% work, therfore only 5% earn, but that is blatantly FALSE. If the mathematics of an internal consumption model only allow 5% to earn, then only 5% will earn, regardless of effort.

    Therefore, with this in mind, a 10% weakside binary like Asea only has the power (from the networking standpoint) to bring 3.2% of the distributors into profit on a monthly basis. The mathematics of their particular compensation structure indicate that 97% plus will never be able to even cover the basic cost of their autoship.

    Apply this formula across the board, and in most cases you will find a 10% ratio on the “generous” side, and I have seen, 2% on the weak side of things. Therefore from a networking standpoint the validity of most companies is harmed due simply to the compensation mathematics.

  12. Angel Solis Says:

    Asea is a great product, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Asea is not just salt water, but its a special blended version of salt water that are safe free radicals that when you drink it cause the cells to respond by making more enzymes to lower oxidative stress. Its like making a fire to cause the sprinkler to go on in your house, but the fire doesn’t damage anything.

    Its safe and affordable, and this business will become a multi-billion dollar company. Its based on the strongest science available. There is nothing like it on the market at all.

  13. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Riiight, sorry, but that’s the Protandim pitch… make enzymes that kill free radicals and lower oxidative stress. It isn’t shown to work in large scale trials.

    I don’t want the sprinkler in my house to go on unless there’s a fire. Why would I want to ruin all my furniture and electronics?

    I’ve been hearing about ASEA for 3 years now and they clearly aren’t on their way to becoming a multi-billion dollar company.

    There are other things like it on the market… other scams like Protandim.

  14. Angel Solis Says:

    I don’t know what protandim is, but I know that Asea works. Look at what Dr. Nieman, Professor of Health Sciences, Appalachian State University says, this stuff really works, it makes the Metabolites that the body needs. See this information here:

    Asea is cutting edge science supported by doctors and by scientists, you can even spray it on you and it will help your skin. There are thousands of people that it works for them, it gives them energy. Its not just salt water, who are you, you’re not a scientist.

  15. MonaVie Scam Says:

    You should look up Protandim, because people say the exact same thing about that… and MonaVie, and Xango, and Xowii, and Zrii. Oh and all of them are based around Salt Lake City Utah, just like Asea. I think you get the picture here. Or maybe you don’t, because you are too focused on the tree (Asea) to see the forest (the Utah MLM juice scam industry). You don’t have to take my word for it…. Dr. Bowden covers a majority of them here: Yes he doesn’t mention Asea, but since there are dozens, maybe hundreds of them, it’s impossible to cover them all. He even covers some that I missed.

    Everyone says that every health MLM works, and yet not one of them have been approved by the FDA for working in any medical condition.

    It is clear that the video you presented was sponsored by the company. It’s no different than the ones from Protandim and MonaVie. Protandim has the same “University” studies. Turns out that LifeVantage (makers of Protandim) had a hand in all the “research.” As it turns out Nieman has a guest speaker gig for Asea, which is almost always paid for.

    In fact, if you look at the people mentioned in the video, they were all part of this $194,000 grant sponsored by REOXCYN DISCOVERIES GROUP, INC, which is registered to Verdis L Norton, co-founder of Asea. Of course getting paid nearly $200,000 is going to influence the results. Not only that, but they only tested 20 people, which is a scientifically insignificant amount. And of course a one-week sample size isn’t significant.

    Interestingly, I couldn’t see the study published in any journal. Maybe I missed it in my search of Pubmed because there are scientists names Asea and I’m not an expert in searching that database. If I’m mistaken here, please correct me and point me to where this study is published.

    I loved the part of the video (around the 8:00 mark) where the cyclist, Cody Waite, wearing the Asea-sponsored gear was saying something good about it. You never see a Pepsi spokesman say something nice about Pepsi ;-). In fact, you can go to and scroll over the Asea Athletes section and see quite a few people in the video are spokesman (and spokewomen).

    The ending of the video saying that North Carolina Research Campus and Appalachian State do not endorse any product is ridiculous after seeing that video. That’s clearly what they were doing. There’s no way one could watch that video and come away thinking that they weren’t endorsing the product.

    I hope you are smarter the next time you pitch an infomercial.

  16. Angel Solis Says:

    Your hatred for Utah seems to come out here. Just because Asea is from Utah where many mlm companies are from, doesn’t mean its a scam. Many industries tend to “clump up”, because they can hire trained people to work for them, because there are those who have common experiences.

    As for Asea being a Scam or a fraud, you’re twisting facts to boost your own agenda here. You don’t know the facts. Dr. Bowden said nothing about Asea, you cannot “clump” them all together anymore than you can do that for other parts of the industry. Most MLM products are good, most “work”. I’ve seen Asea work, and I know its good.

    Yes people get paid in the industry, are you surprised? Or are you suggesting that Dr Nieman committed fraud and manipulated the results for his financial gain? Peer review is only used to get something published. Asea can publish the results if they want on their website… and peer review doesn’t prove anything.

    Of course North Caroline Campus and Appalachian State aren’t going to allow any endorsement, they simply did the research. Do you have proof that Asea manipulated the results, or are you just saying they could have?

    Every doctor I’ve ever met loves Asea. It represents the frontier of Metabolites.

    Even PNNL did a safety study

  17. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Not sure where you see a hatred for Utah. I’ve only driven through the state once and never stopped (I had a deadline in my travel or I would have). I’ve got nothing against Utah. I just mentioned that it certainly is some amazing coincidence that all these unproven health MLMs seem to come from one place. They all have distributors making illegal claims.

    I like the explanation of the “clump up” for MLMs in Utah. It goes to show that the business is about selling the business opportunity and not developing a proven, working product (at least when it comes to the health ones). Clearly you can develop a product in any number of places that are not Utah and you can distribute it through any means, MLM or via direct order on the Internet, but you will only find the illegal claims coming with MLMs. You won’t see anyone claiming that Ocean Spray cranberry juice cured their cancer like MonaVie.

    I would have responded to this earlier, but I decided to spend my time writing this article, Asea Scam?, that addresses much of what I’ve covered here and an ASEA distributor’s illegal claims and lack and understanding about MLMs as well as a scientific analysis by Dr. Harriet Hall: ASEA: Another expensive way to buy water

    I should mention that Dr. Bowden didn’t mention ASEA because he wrote the article in 2008, which from what I’m reading is before ASEA came to be. Dr. Bowden doesn’t have a time machine. When you say that “most MLM products are good and most ‘work'”, can you give examples of any one that FDA approval for working for any medical condition? I’ve seen them pitched for arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, autism, etc. Certainly they don’t “work” as billed by these distributors. The MLMs themselves often define what they are supposed to do in vague terms that don’t mean anything. You can’t say whether they “work” or not. For example, what is MonaVie supposed to do?

    I’m not surprised that people get paid, but as Dr. Harriet Hall says in a lengthy debunking of the study: “Presumably the ASEA company paid for the research, and we know manufacturer-funded studies are more likely to get positive results.” I don’t need to give proof that results were manipulated, I have an independent doctor stating that “manufacturer-funded studies are more likely to get positive results”, you can draw your own conclusion. We know that ASEA did pay for the results and even tried to hide it under a shell company of REOXCYN DISCOVERIES GROUP, INC.

    Sure, ASEA can publish the sponsored study on their website, but has little value in showing that the product works. Being able to get it peer-reviewed and published in a reputable journal (with a high Impact Factor) a much bigger step in the direction of showing that it is actual science and not marketing for their ASEA infomercial.

    I know that NCC and AS aren’t going to allow any endorsement, but that’s exactly what they did in the video. That’s why I called it out.

    I can’t believe you went back to all the doctors you have ever met and asked them ASEA. I’m betting that they didn’t do the research. Maybe you should meet Dr. Harriet Hall?

    Of course PNNL’s safety study is going to come back fine… it’s SALT WATER. I can put salt water in a glass and PNNL’s safety study will say it is safe too. It won’t say that it works though.

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