Alexander Schauss and Appeals to Authority

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Sometimes MonaVie distributors will make a case that Alexander Schauss has been studying MonaVie for so long that he’s an expert on the subject. This is done to give the illusion that there’s some value in MonaVie. Unfortunately it is just an illusion.

This argument is known as an Appeal to Authority and is known as a a logical fallacy. From Wikipedia the flaw logic goes something like:

“Appeal to authority as logical fallacy

A (fallacious) appeal to authority argument has the basic form:

1. A makes claim B;
2. there is something positive about A that (fallaciously) is used to imply that A has above-average or expert knowledge in the field, or has an above-average authority to determine the truth or rightness of such a matter
3. therefore claim B is true, or has its credibility unduly enhanced as a result of the proximity and association.

The first statement is called a ‘factual claim’ and is the pivot point of much debate. The last statement is referred to as an ‘inferential claim’ and represents the reasoning process. There are two types of inferential claim, explicit and implicit.”

The idea that there’s something special about the acai berry because Schauss has reportedly been studying is flawed. Wikipedia further notes:

“… experts can still be mistaken, willfully deceptive, subject to pressure from peers or employers, have a vested financial interest in the false statements, or have unusual views (or views that are widely criticized by other experts) within their field, and hence their expertise does not always guarantee that their arguments are valid.”

You can make a case that all of them to MonaVie. As we know MonaVie does try to suppress the truth and is willfully deceptive in the ORAC score of it’s juice. Numerous doctors prove that MonaVie’s “experts” have unusual views with in their field. Lastly, we know the vested financial interest in the false statements.

These are all good reasons to completely discount anything that Dr. Schauss says.

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