Actual Letter from a MonaVie Distributor


A reader sent me a mail saying:

My wife got duped by one of these salesmen, they encouraged her to buy without my knowledge and consent a very large amount of this product and also to help sell it.

The following is the email that a MonaVie distributor sent his wife. I am withholding her name and e-mail address and reprinting it exactly as it came to me. However, if MonaVie is wise they will contact me before the Federal Trade Commission does, because I’m pretty sure they’d have a field day with this pitch.

Being a committed Christian standing firm on Gods word. Mormonism vs. the Christianity belief initially was never a concern with our place in Mona-vie. We had to stand firm knowing that Gods word never fails and can be used as a blueprint for our life that we live. John 10:10 tells us that: “The thief (devil; he’s a small font devil)) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to full”. – NIV.

Mona-vie is truly a God Blessed business. So you better believe that if Mona-vie is changing people’s lives physically, financially and spiritually. The enemy will do whatever he can to stop the progress, it’s his labor. Everyone who puts their hands to this business and works it will be blessed. Believing that the devil knows that his days are growing shorter, we need to understand that attacks are going to come against families spiritually, financially and physically. We do sell ourselves. We sell ourselves as Christian’s in life hoping to live by example so that our life will reflect well in the eyes of others to hopefully give the unbeliever a desire to have what we have which is Jesus Christ. We do not follow under the umbrella of Mormonism in Mona-vie, we follow under the umbrella of Christianity through R3Global. To critique otherwise would also require us to examine where we do our every day shopping.

If we apt not to take advantage of living in a capitalist society and be “religious minded”, which by the way Jesus Christ despised the “religious minded” because it was them that hung Him on the cross, then we have to look at where we shop. If we buy any product from Wal-Mart, Publix, Winn Dixie, Target or even the Dollar Store, then it would suggest that we need to look at the Christian beliefs of the founders of these mentioned companies as well. There again we need to stand on Gods word and know that what the devil intended for evil, God will make good. At the most recent R3Global conference in Orlando, there were over 200 people that gave their life to Christ. If it was only one soul saved through Mona-vie, then Mona-vie is worth the effort.

When we first got involved in Mona-vie and being so analytically minded, my goal was to tear the product and company apart and see what the hype was all about. The science behind the product was truly astonishing. Knowing that the vitamins and minerals we get in vegetables can also be obtained by a vitamin pill. There will never be a vitamin pill that will give us the necessary anti-oxidant and phyto-nutrients (phyto meaning plant derived) needed found inone serving of Mona-vie. Two servings give us the nutrient equivalence of 13 fruits a day. That is a fact. Most people believe that just eating the common fruits which are apples, bananas and oranges is enough. But after researching the fruits in Mona-vie which are not massed farmed, which contributes todepleting the nutrient value are not organic but wild. Wild is better than organic nutritionally. Our proprietary blend of fruits are from some of the most remote regions of the world that the toxic levels of pollutants has to be measured in parts per billion as compared to parts per million (ppm). That’s wild! Organic fruits and vegetables contain such a minimal difference in nutrient value as compared to wild, that most people waste their money purchasing organic as compared to regular store bought. Today we are seeing more over weight people and health issues then ever before in our history.

Which now makes the sickness business a huge money maker. We want to keep people out of the doctors office. Mona-vie can not make medical claims because as soon as we do the government wants to get their hands on the product. But with one of our new products, Pulse, we can state a medical claim. Don’t you know that the government can mess up a good thing? So lets keep their hands off. It’s not FDA approved, it’s God approved! The body was made naturally to heal itself, we just have messed it up for so long it took medical science to try to fix the mess we made of it. That’s another fact. Keep the government out of Mona-vie unless they want to initiate a great Health Care Plan and get everyone on the product. Praise God for doctors, but I knew of one doctor that actually stated he did not want his patients to get on Mona-vie because of the kick backs he was getting from the pharmaceutical companies. That’s a fact and sad.

A product generally goes from the Manufacturer to the wholesaler, to the jobber and then on to the retailer. Which ends up in our home. When I first looked at Mona-vie with a very skeptical and analytical mind and then read the reports and then did the research myself, I could not find anything bad on the product, company and their business model to market the product. What an amazing product! Finally a product that in my eyes if our government wanted to develop a health care plan they need to put everyone on Mona-vie. The sickness business, which by the way we are in the wellness business, is the only trillion dollar a year industry. Mostly generated from the pharmaceutical business which is killing 105,000 people annually. And these are medications taken as prescribed by their doctors. Amazing fact. The propriety blend in Mona-vie is what makes it so loaded with nutrients it allows our bodies to get back in balance. The acai berry has been proven to be the only food that can sustain the human body with life. It has the protein profile of an egg and contains the necessary amino acids and nutrients needed for the body to survive. No other food has ever displayed this life sustaining profile.

The product VIBE may have some health benefits, but it’s the proprietary blend that sets Mona-vie apart. Our ORAC value of the acai berry that is part of this blend stands at 1,027 when freeze dried. Any other product that claims more is not factual with their harvesting practices, if you can find out how it is harvested. And we need to remember that the body will only assimilate so much in one serving and the rest will end up in our septic system. A solid pill form vitamin only has the absorption rate of 17-20% into our body. That’s one reason after taking a multi-vitamin our urine is so yellow in color. We own the patent process to harvesting our acai berry. That is big. Companies jumped on the band wagon with the acai berry after discovering the amazing super food that it is. Put the acai berry freeze dried to keep its high pure ORAC value with 18 other wild exotic fruits and you have a nutritional product that no one can touch. Mona-vie went under years of research before being marketed. This gave the company an infrastructure scientifically, medically and in leadership that no one can touch. We had a Medical Advisory Board in place and the scientific research to back our product before the company was ever introduced to the general public. As a Christian one area of the company that intrigued us was knowing that before the company was rolled out, they had their eye’s on people. Before they made their first dollar the M.O.R.E. Project was being introduced. Mona-vie Operation Rescue. Getting kids off of the streets, teaching trades, feeding people and giving people hope that the enemy wanted to keep them from.. Key Note: People can mess up a good thing. On the Oprah Winfrey show Dr. Nicholas Perricone stated that the number one “super food” is the acai berry. Dr. Perricone has revealed the secrets of youthful, perfect skin and is known as the Dr. of the Inflammation Theory. Ever wonder why the Brazilian’s have such beautiful skin? They live near the equator where you would expect their skin to appear more aged. It’s because their consumption of the acai berry almost in their every day diet in pure form. Their disease rate is low and life long. People have taken the fact that Dr. Nicholas Perricone stated that the acai berry is a “super food” on the Oprah Winfrey show, mixed her name with it as someone who endorsed the product, which has led to controversary. We can not control what people say and if anyone follows Oprah to any degree knows that she has a cult like following.. You can YouTube Oprah and witness her stating that Jesus Christ can’t be the “only way to God”. She has a following of over 2 million people with this New Age belief that is totally contrary to Gods unchanging word. So whatever comes out of her mouth, unless it’s repentance, has to be taken with a discerning spirit.

Mona-vie is generating hope and health for people and a lot of money. It has blessed my family financially and we have the tax statements to prove it. You can not take a percentage of people making money based on the number of people that have been sponsored. Only 1% as stated by a recent article mathematically incorrect. The numbers would be skewed by the fact that the actual people working Mona-vie is not in any comparison to the actual number of working distributors. Business takes work. It’s a business and those that quit have lost their vision or have been poisoned by what they have found on the internet or ignorant words of another. You can search on the internet the word Christianity or Santa Claus and guaranteed to find junk from somewhere. Our lives from Mona-vie has been changed. Since our first month in the business we have never paid for a case of the product because we saw the business model and quickly got to the point where our work paid for the juice. We could not afford it in the beginning, but we had hope in Christ and Mona-vie, God did the rest.

The product works and it is going to attract “ambulance chaser” lawyers to just lay and wait for the moment that someone makes a claim that is not approved by Mona-vie. Mona-vie has more going for them than against. And one with God is a majority. Attached is a little information that we hope you can find useful. Don’t let dream stealers steal your vision. Remember, people without vision will perish. Obama stated that our country was no longer a Christian nation. We know where that lie came from. We were founder on Christian beliefs and principles and no one can ever take that away.

Mona-vie is a company worth talking about.
[Name Withheld]
Mona-vie Gold Executive
[Email Withheld]
P.S. If you want to scientific facts, we can provide them.

It would take me days to go into all the ways this person is misguided. I haven’t the time or energy, so I just leave it for you to look at as a shining example.

Ahh, screw it, I will say one thing. For all the talk of being a committed Christian, I didn’t once see “Lie to your husband about distributing MonaVie” anywhere in the Bible. Maybe it was one of the commandments or something that I missed.

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136 Responses to “Actual Letter from a MonaVie Distributor”
  1. MonaVie Scam Says:

    What about the Royal Tongan Limu brand? That didn’t work well for Dallin Larsen. Fact is that no brand of juice is able to maintain a $45 retail price at this point. Consumers aren’t stupid enough to pay it. You said it before that when the economy tanked you lost all your customers because they couldn’t afford the juice. They were only pay it because they had extra money and wanted to be in the business.

    There are a lot of smaller places where MonaVie could begin building its brand. It could start on the grocery stores in one region of the country. That is fairly common. I can only get Ah-so Sauce when I visit Boston. MonaVie could start there and begin building its brand.

    All MonaVie is doing now, is leaving behind a bunch of pissed off distributors. You should read the comments on Purple Horror, before it got shut down/paid off.

  2. Mike, San Antonio, TX Says:

    I do believe, Wil Possible would have a great future in politics. He has taken the art of double speak and babbling to a new level. He will have to be careful though. Making a statement in a public forum and then claiming he never said or meant it has undone many a public figure. He has done a pretty good job on most of the BS.

    Implying but covering his butt in case he’s called on it.
    “I will not make any medical claims about the product but I will say the knowledge I’ve gained thru my association with MonaVie literally saved my family from much agony when my little girl feel seriously ill in February 2010.”

    Admitting you will fail but not if you know the secret reason.
    “I would have to say that YES most distributors do NOT make money in the system. BUT this is also true for many reasons. First of all, there is not a business in the whole wide world where nobody fails.” Is there a business in the whole wide world where everybody fails?

    You are obviously bitter but I love you and I feel sorry for you.
    “WOW! You obviously got lots of beef with MonaVie and I almost feel bad you are the way you are. Yes you are right in that I knew very little about nutrition before I came to be associated with MonaVie and the fact is, I am like most Americans–brainwashed by McDonald’s ads, pharmaceutical commercials etc. But now I know better“.

    A little problem here.
    “BTW there is nothing wrong with PYRAMIDS (except they are illegal) but it is ponzis that are illegal. I am sure you’ve heard examples of a pyramid on the dollar bill, the structure of most organizations etc. so I will not get deeper into that“. (WTF)

    Beautiful Babble and Doublespeak.
    “MonaVie may be expensive to some but so is a Mercedes. The fact is some people are happy with their Hyundais while others love Mercedes. All got four wheels and take you from point A to point B. But a Mercedes costs multiple times more than a Hyundai. I rarely hear people attacking Mercedes as a high price item that rips people off. I got friends who lost 6 figures in the stock market yet they said nothing about Wall Street being a scam. I once bought GE stocks and it tripled in price so I sold my shares. Later the price came crashing down so whoever bought the stocks at its peak lost the shirts off of their backs. I don’t believe they paid the true value of the stock price. In fact, they probably got “ripped off” but the strangest thing was, nobody complained about GE“.

    You have made me the victim but I love you and forgive you.
    “You would have a very hard time trying to prove I did anything wrong or misleading here my friend. If anything this will only show how you are taking advantage of an average person thru your ability to twist words. But I still love and appreciate you because there must’ve been some deep rooted hurt inside of you that made you to want to do this“.

    A mistake but you have to read between the lines.
    “I am a coffee drinker and every morning I spend $1 buying it from the deli around the corner.
    But occasionally I would pamper myself and spend $2.59 for a cup of Starbucks luxurious coffee. I must
    admit I don’t like the taste of Starbucks any better than the deli coffee and I often wondered to myself,
    How in the world can Starbucks exist in every corner of the world selling this horrible tasting stuff“?
    He hates it and it costs 2 ½ times more than it should and there are no benefits (MonaVie?). .

    I don’t think Wil Possible is for real, nobody could be this goofy. I think this is a joke. Collusion, Lattimore Where are you?

  3. Wil Possible Says:

    I would fail miserably as a politician as you’ve correctly pointed out. I am a straight shooter. But on the note of “MonaVie saving my family from agony” I should clarify this. Because I got involved with MonaVie I was led to other nutritional do’s and don’ts. I was also led to the darker sides of pharm companies and the milk industry amongst other thing.
    So it wasn’t because we started drinking MonaVie alone that we became better physically but MonaVie was the trigger that led us to all other nutritional knowledge.

  4. Wil Possible Says:

    Are you kidding me? Why would MonaVie waste its time trying to sell in little grocery stores in one region of the country when it has the opportunity to go into 20 countries in less than 5 years? I am beginning to question your business acumens my friend?

    [Editor’s Note: You say that MonaVie doesn’t have the market recognition to get on store shelves and that it’s too small and doesn’t have the money. So I suggest they start small. Now you say that it a colossal organization in 20 countries. You can’t argue both sides. If it’s big enough to expand in new countries, it is big enough to get on store shelves as a legit juice instead of as an illegal pyramid in the US.]

    Whatever happened to Purple Horror, I don’t know. Even if MonaVie bought it off, awesome. MonaVie made enough money to do that and that’s more power to its success.

    [Editor’s Note: Hmm, what a backwards way of looking at things? They are able to make enough scamming people that they buy off people who are trying to expose the scam. This is the company you are supporting? Where are your ethics my friend?]

    Hey how much would you be willing to sell this blog to MonaVie for? ;)

  5. Wil Possible Says:

    BTW will you ever consider my suggestion about starting a blog to investigate the long term negative effects of vaccines? Or R U afraid of the drug companies or Uncle Sam coming after you? We all know MonaVie isn’t a big enough monster to come after us so let’s pick on somebody more exciting :)

    [Editor’s Note: I’ve had numerous conversations with MonaVie and they threatened to sue me twice. Clearly MonaVie is paying attention.]

  6. Wil Possible Says:

    On jaywalking I was referring the fact that if it a law that isn’t enforced, it might as well not be a law at all. In this case, if MonaVie is illegal, let Uncle Sam shut it down. Not you or I.

    [Editor’s Note: Again, this is irrelevant, but Jaywalking is still enforced in some states. Due to the economy, the FTC is a little backed up and can’t devote the resources to stopping the pile of juices. If the police aren’t able to get to the bank in time to stop a bank robber and it is reasonable safe for me to do so, I’m going to do my part to stop the thief. Again, there is no question that MonaVie is illegal, you already admitted it when you said it was a pyramid. It is just a matter of getting the law enforced.]

    Consumers have to right to spend their money on whatever they want and however much they want if they see the value in the products/services.

    [Editor’s Note: So then buying nuclear warheads, crack, and prostitutes are completely illegal? Wow! You must live in a different United States than me.]

    Now one must not jump to the conclusion that the juice business is defrauding the public of anything, let the courts decide that if it is true. You are certainly not the judge or the final word. What if one day the Supreme Court said everything is OK? What would you do then? Look at Amyway, after its battle with DOJ it is still billion dollar business.

    [Editor’s Note: There’s a reason why Amway is still in business. It has 70% retail customers and a few other things that make it not a pyramid. MonaVie doesn’t follow these guidelines. Again, I refer you to this test.]

    Whenever you are ready, we can work on the other projects together. I can see this team happening :)

  7. DEM Says:

    WOW, I did not expect to get all of the feedback from my post. I have to thank all of you for valuable information on both sides. I do have some issues with Wil Possibles posts though. You say that we must understand that most people will not succeed in Monavie, which I totally agree with. Most people do not have the drive and determination to succeed in any Network Marketing company for whatever reason. But, then you go on to say that you studied the compensation plan, correct? Well had you looked a little deeper you would know that Monavie does not pay out 50% to distributors it pays out 19%(How can a company pay out 50% when they have an 8 story office building a lear jet, and spending all of this money on so called research, hmmm), the black diamond vehicle is a lease, and all of the distributors that went blue diamond in 6 to 7 months were strategically placed there (i.e. Robert Dean do a little more digging you’ll see). Mr. Larsin has way too much pride, Monarch which he started before Monavie went under, and Monavie is on it’s way, which is why a lot of distributors are leaving and going to other companies where they can actually make some money(I know this for a fact because I have met a few myself these past few weeks). I could eat this comp plan alive but I’m not going to.

    You then go on to say that there are winners and losers(or something to that effect I don’t want to twist your words) but how can you be a winner when put in a position where you are doomed from the beginning? I destroyed monavie, my first month I showed 37 plans, my second month 22, and my third month 20. The last time I checked they said run hard for 90 days(I flew!) and you will have unreal growth? Not to mention I read 4 books my first month listed to the whole top 50, and spent a butt load of time with my upline mentor who mentors directly with one of the founders(do not want to name drop). What was the result, no cash!

    You then also go on to talk about placement, you can’t control placement unless you are a profit sharer on the team( you start profit sharing once you hit Bronze) then once you do hit that level they tell you to put butts in seats because the TEAM pays more that Monavie! Wow really, so why the need to sell juice, but tell you not to sell it, then tell me to push tickets? Oh that’s because it is benefiting everyone in my upline who is bronze level and above right, I know so, I have studied the money in and out.

    Again thank you for your input but I feel that a lot of your info cannot be backed by facts, and you feel the need to defend yourself for whatever reason. Wil, it took me a long time to wake up out of my juice coma my friend. And now that they are finally cutting ties with Quickstar and things are going to change (yet again) that is going to turn a lot of people in your downline off. Yes change is constant, but when you are broke it is a complete paradigm shift.

  8. Wil Possible Says:

    MLM is not for everyone just as entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint hearted. To be successful in any industry one must understand the insides of the business. DEM I am sorry you bought into what your uplines sold you. My tried to do the same but I didn’t spend money on the extras. Perhaps MLM isn’t for you? Only your heart can tell you.

    [Editor’s Note: You just apologize for the uplines. I realize that you don’t ask for names and petition MonaVie to get those distributor’s banned. They are making your business look bad. Take a little pride in your company and your product and get this scum removed from company. You can make the world better!

    MLM’s that are illegal pyramids are for no one. Anyone with a reason head can realize that. ]

  9. Wil Possible Says:

    Bravo! Mr Editor, I must congratulate you on turning this blog into quite a valuable piece of real estate. I admire your ingenuity in stirring up this controversy.

    On the issues ponzi schemes where “suckers that come later pay for the gains of their predecessors” I ask that you investigate the structure of the Social Security. Apparently I am paying for my parents’ retirement and my parent paid for my grandparents. And I got wind that when its my generation’s turn to retire, SS funds will be depleted. What about those who were suppose to retire at 65 now 67 later 69 then 75? That’s quite another great pyramid scheme isn’t it? Let’s blog about that issue why don’t we?

    [Editor’s Note: Thanks to the pharmaceutical companies people live longer now. So yes the retirement age has to go up to match. This is very basic stuff. Some do say that Social Security is a pyramid scheme. It might be and it might not be, but this is a discussion about MonaVie and not social security. Set up your blog about that and send me the URL when you get it going. I’ll be happy to visit.

    Wil, you are giving me little choice other than to ban you from here. You keep on discussing other topics: coffee, water, pet rocks, social security, Walmart, McDonalds, Galileo. None of these have anything to do with MonaVie. You are trying to subvert the topic of this blog and this is not being a good friend.]

  10. Wil Possible Says:

    Actually Mr. Editor, it was fun while it lasted. No party lasts forever. This can be an endless debate so I will take a bow here. Unless I continue to hear attacks on me which means my friends here still wants my participation.

    [Editor’s Response: You admit that you are part of an illegal pyramid scheme… you should probably expect to be attacked on here. If you take it to mean that want your participation, that is just bad logic. Of course it can be an endless debate when you bring up endless topics not related to the debate itself.]

    But in any case, what’s the point? I wish you luck and perhaps MonaVie will offer you a handsome deal for this piece of property. No hard feelings.

    [Editor’s Response: If they do, that would be awesome. The information in this website has already been sent off to others. I’m sure it would pop up elsewhere pretty quickly.]

    I understand your position but you should also know that everyone has a story. Before you go harsh on something like this, it might benefit you to hear some heartfelt stories related.

    [Editor’s Response: Bernie Madoff has a story. Charles Ponzi has a story. Now Wil Possible has a story. It may benefit you to read up on the law and the people who are suffering from this company.]

  11. DEM Says:

    Wil, it seems that you have avoided all of my comments, which you have done in your previous posts as well. Then you insult me (which is fine, everyone has their opinion) by saying that maybe MLM is not for me, really? I just bought into another company where I’m seeing profit every week and my upline has been nothing but honest with me. I have been with this company for only 1 month and have tripled my buy in! I understand MLM if not, I would not have been as successful as I am in my current company. I do understand that it is not for everyone as well, I have been in sales all my life and have always done very well. I am an avid reader, and I listen to several cd’s on a daily basis by the greats such as Jim Rohn, Art Jonak, Ken Dunn, and Bob Burg. You say that this site is a valuable piece of real estate to make yourself feel better(possibly it makes you sleep better at night as well) when all MonavieScam is doing is trying to do what the TEAM claims they are doing which is give people the truth. I really think that you need to look at the definition of due diligence and understand what it means, because about 75% your posts are opinions with not factual background.

  12. Anonymous Aussie Says:

    Wil Possible states “MLM is not for everyone just as entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint hearted. To be successful in any industry one must understand the insides of the business.”

    Oh dear…

    That’s quite a statement to make in a venture which is promoted as being possible for anyone to achieve in – and in the case of Monavie, this is apparently done by simply “sharing” when the reality is that 99.64% of the ENTIRE sales force are unable to succeed in the venture. Is it not then fraudulent to make such a claim without disclosing the 99.64% failure rate? And with little to no retailing selling occurring and profits/revenue being derived as a result of the investments and purchases of the sales force, does it not occur to Wil that in order to be successful in the business one must also understand that the successes occur as a direct result of and off the backs of those who are losing.

    It makes me livid to no end to hear people such as Wil justifying their participation in pyramid scams such as Monavie by suggesting Social Security, which may be a social burden in terms of additional taxes paid and can upset people who perceive themselves as financing benefits for those who aren’t as well off financially, is a pyramid or ponzi scheme when the reality is that there’s no element of fraud or intention to mislead – unlike what Wil is attempting to do, knowingly or not, through his participation in Monavie.

    Is this fool for real or what – illegal and fraudulent testimonial (which is no doubt the sales pitch), acknowledgement of building a pyramid instead of a business (clearly this enlightenment came after he realised his “business” couldn’t be built based on the sales of the grossly over-priced juice), acknowledgement that the compensation plan is failing virtually every unsuspecting person who signs up, a complete lack of insight into the legalities of the scheme and the implications of such a scheme on participants (both financially and otherwise). And seriously in amongst all of the other irrelevant topics, WTF have autism or cancer got to do with Monavie – a refined and processed food which is preserved with a chemical preservative suggested as causing cancer itself when combined with vitamin C???

    The lack of reasoning and logic is truly astounding, Wil certainly has taken idiocy to a new level. Ahhh…only in Monavie.

    p.s I don’t know if this happens to anyone else but for some reason I always mis-type Monavie as “Monaive”. How appropriate.

  13. Mackwiz Says:


    Basically Wil is arguing this:

    “Winning the lottery isn’t for everyone. Sorry if the Powerball billboard lied to you but that doesn’t mean that no one will win the lottery. Someone will, I guarantee it!”

    If I used the same amount of money on stratch-offs that I would hypothetically use on purchasing MonaVie, I’d probably make a better profit.

    What a dumb, flawed arguement, from a dumb, corrupt, egotistical, juice scamming apologist.

  14. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I should mention that I’ve put Wil’s posts in the “on hold” bin. He was just going in so many different directions a million miles a minute. I had a good email thread with him and he believes that this site should expand to address general health concerns (hence the vaccination thing). I think that’s the role of other more general sites, and this site should retain its focus.

  15. Helena Says:

    The only reason people fail in anything is if they quit.And if you help enough people get what they want you will be blessed.And the only way to have influence in todays economy is to have money.So why not create residual income for your children.There was a survey done on baby boomers and they were asked if they were thankful what their forfathers had done for them? They all raised their hands.And then they asked them if they felt that they were doing something to change their childrens lives? And none of them raised their hands.People wake up!We need to do something and I do think that network marketing is the answer.How else are we gonna do it?We can’t rely on the goverment.We have to save for a rainy day.And I believe network marketing is the only way.Jobs aren’t as secure as they used to be.And say this doesn’t work,what do u have to offer me?

  16. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Thanks for your comment Helena. I find your rant is a little misguided in some areas…

    You said, “The only reason people fail in anything is if they quit.”

    Why don’t you trying out for L.A. Lakers then? Surely you wouldn’t fail if you didn’t quit, right? Perhaps you will concede the point that some things are not practically possible, and it is best to focus our efforts on those with potential. In this case, you’d probably conclude that starting for the L.A. is one of those things that you don’t want to spend your entire life failing at.

    Now that we’ve recognized that, we can put MonaVie in the same boat as making the LA Lakers. We know that 99.64% of people lose money in MonaVie. We also know that far fewer make any significant money in it.

    I’m not against creating residual income. I have been writing a website about it for five years now. Go visit it: Lazy Man and Money. I have created that income. One of the best parts is that I do it by helping people and not asking for any of their money. As we know with MonaVie, for one person to make money 19 people have to lose it. I don’t want to live my life hurting 19 other people financial. It doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. It’s even worse in this economy as you point out.

    If you are looking for more ideas I suggest you look at Get Rich Slowly as well as Smart Passive Income.

  17. jim Says:

    Welcome Helena,

    I think MS did a great job addressing the quitting aspect of your comment. I just wanted to leave a few thoughts. First, you said “There was a survey done on baby boomers and they were asked if they were thankful what their forfathers had done for them? They all raised their hands.And then they asked them if they felt that they were doing something to change their childrens lives? And none of them raised their hands.” This doesn’t sound like an actual survey. Traditionally a survey is done by polling, not by a raising of hands. How is it that these baby boomers were assembled to raise their hands. Do you have any evidence that this survey was ever conducted or were you just told of this survey? Even if there was a room full of baby boomers, I find it very difficult to believe that none of them believed they have done anything to change their children’s lives. Just about all the parents I know work hard to provide values, encourage and pay for education, and lovingly devote their time to the betterment of thier children. Even lousy parents believe they sacrifice greatly so their children can have a better life.

    Can you name any children of network marketing that have inherited and continued the recurring income that you refer to? What happened to those who believed they were creating recurring income for thier children with Royal Tongan Limu (Dallin Larson’s last company) when the company was shut down by the government?

    You ask what we have to offer. I would offer you the truth. The truth that endless recruiting product based pyramid schemes gaurantee losses to better than 95% of those who enroll. I would offer you the idea that education, innovation, and determination still offer the best path to success, and this can be done in a moral ethical way.

  18. humiliated Says:

    Jim, this sounds like something written straight out of the “MonaVie Handbook…the snake oil Hustlers Guide to False Enlightenment” by Dallin Larsen.

    Here is what I have to offer. I went to university, got a degree and landed myself a decent job that pays me well. I go on vacations and set money aside for a rainy day. I have friends and family that love me for being me, not because I can help pad their bank account by being in their downline.

    I don’t have to go to work every day and con people into buying into a pyramid scheme so that I can provide my children “a residual income”. I don’t have to lie about a product’s nutritional content & rely on “scientific studies” that are marketing ploys, not bona fide studies/science.

    What if you didn’t accept what MonaVie puts on their website or tells you at the functions? What if you dug a little deeper into the “science” they claim to have in support of their products. What if you looked around and saw MANY other MLM companies that are making the exact same claims as MonaVie, in terms of alleged health benefits and compensation plans, with similar juices or nutritional supplements? What if you discovered that all of these are also based on junk science and that only a very few people at the top (like less then 1%) make any sustained profit?

    Is it ok with you to lie and be involved with something that IS a pyramid scheme in order to provide your children with residual income? If it is then read no further.

    I was involved with MonaVie and I know what you are being told and how effective it is if that is ALL you are hearing. Any bona fide business would not try to dissuade you from doing this research, as MonaVie does. This is not about keeping you motivated (I can hear it when you say people who fail are those who quit etc.), this is about keeping you brainwashed so you don’t question MonaVie Corporate and their spoon fed information.

    You don’t have to listen to me/us but it is your responsibility to protect your family’s future by really researching what you are involved in, and not by talking to others involved or by reading the MV website. I went to a nutritionist and several other reliable sources to confirm what this web site had already told me and that I had been completely conned.

    Good luck and I hope that you find your way out of this scam.

  19. MonaVie Scam Says:


    I forgot to mention something. Here’s a great quote about Stupidity: “Quitters never win, winners never quit, but those who never win AND never quit are idiots.” – Someone here pointed it out previously.

    It doesn’t take too much examination of the Income Disclosure Statement to see that nearly everyone involved would qualify as an idiot.

  20. Dr Philip Says:

    Monavie Indian Leaders Mr. Shamsudeen Beaten up in public for Cheating Business

  21. Vogel Says:

    Wow! Wow! I read the back story on this. All hell is breaking loose. Monavie is going to start an international war at the rate they’re going.

  22. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Can anyone share the back story on this for someone not up to date (and who doesn’t really follow Indian politics)?

  23. Vogel Says:

    From what I can gather there are a couple of issues here. One is that Kerala province has taken a tough stand on MLMs and that they are very out of favor. Incidentally, the population of Kerala, a tropical paradise in Southern India, includes a higher percentage of Christians than other parts of the country, and is also more affluent and better educated. It seems like the citizenry and legislators in Kerala take a tougher stance on MLM, because they don’t want to become infested with scams like Monavie.

    The second factor seems to be that Amway’s distributor networks got raided by Monavie, so much of the ire being directed at Monavie is coming form Amway reps who are crying foul. Essentially, this aspect is an argument among MLM thieves over who gets to control territory.

  24. MonaVie Scam Says:

    That’s kind of what I gathered, but I wasn’t sure if I had it right. I explained it to my wife as too rival mobs going at it over who gets control of the city’s organized crime.

    This goes to further show that the product isn’t relevant, the fight is for the distributors who pay the autoship every month.

  25. Brent Hansen Says:

    MV Scam, you are right! It couldn’t be about the product as Amway had no high-priced fruit flavored water that I am aware of. They do have lots of other stuff that is overpriced it is ironic how MLMs always feel they are in competition one with another. What does vitamins and laundry soap have to do with fruit juice?

    Its an age old scarcity mentality in the industry, they believe they are in competition for distributors, and that just because someone is pushing snake oil they couldn’t possibly promote some other gimmick as well. Funny stuff!

  26. MonaVie Scam Says:

    I figured this out quite awhile ago, when a distributor approached me about his awesome coin collection MLM (Numis) and two weeks later sent me an email that he’s found this great fountain of youth pill MLM (LifeVantage Protandim) instead. Suddenly all the arguments he made about collecting coins and them being assets were bad ideas that should be abandoned?

    Logically, there’s no reason why you can’t sell juice, pills, coins, and laundry soap. Walmart sells three of the four – collecting coins is a big of a niche market for them.

    These MLMs are in competition with each other, because the war is over distributors, not products. Distributors are too brainwashed by the false hope of financial freedom to see that they are the pawns in the game.

  27. free Says:

    I am a recent X MonaVie distributor. Just over a year ago and a week after I had “signed” up, I took a 6 hour flight to Orlando to take in the big MonaVie convention to hear from the specialists and see what this company was all about. I am of NO religion in any way shape or form, and I was appalled by the religion going on at this convention, it was stomach turning. I sat at my “uplines” table and listened to people at the same table talk about profiling “Christians” because that is the type of people they need in this business. I didn’t trust my better judgement and carried on. Every discussion with my Upline had reference to biblical quotes, etc. There was never a conversation that jesus was not spoken of. Numerous times they would talk of Atheists and how they are people of the devil. That network marketing will often be full of Christians because they believe and that’s all you need. Always talk about “being saved”. Then my upline told a house full of guests at a tasting that in The More Project the children and women that come off the streets have to agree to go to their place of worship to be allowed in, um what is wrong with that picture?! Networking period. NEVER AGAIN!

  28. MonaVie Scam Says:

    Thanks for the comment free.

  29. Mackwiz Says:

    The whole Christian thing goes on because it is just another way for them to sink their hooks into the distributors. Getting them jacked on promises of financial freedom is one thing, but add religious purpose to that and you have a killer combination. That is why it is so hard to get those people out of MLM’s.

    When I went to my first and last meeting I noticed it but they seemed much more jacked on getting you into the program. Not sure what they would have said if I mentioned I was agnostic.

    You should have asked them what they would have done if an atheist wanted to join up with them (as their downline person) that had 10 guaranteed people willing to be his/her downline… I would have liked to see the response.

  30. free Says:

    Believe it or not Mackwiz it happened. I had 12 people come to a “local” convention. 12!! They opened with a prayer and they ALL got up and left! Then I lost 8 people immediately after that within my group. I had to tell my upline to keep the religion out the couple times he was here…it didn’t fly at all, and they are so brainwashed and consumed that it really doesn’t matter to them. I’d like to know what “God” and Mercedes have in common?! Cause every person that walks that across that stage is programmed to say “I thank God”. C.U.L.T

  31. CGC Says:


    Maybe Athena Dean’s book would interest you:

    Monavie isn’t the first MLM to use religion to deceive people into joining and staying.

  32. Kirsten Says:

    Why is religion even being brought up in a subject of conversation not related to this at all? From what I’ve personally experienced in this business people are not preaching to you about how God plays a part in social marketing systems. He is selling a World Wide product and shouldn’t be using something completely irrelevant to the product and opportunities people have buying it in the end. It only causes stress on everyone involved and not making them think about the physical and mental health benefits of the juice itself. Not to mention causing more issues than anything else in the end. I am wondering if he became a Gold Executive is because Customers bought products from him to stop him from preaching their ears off. I’m not saying anything wrong with God or preaching about religion but keep in mind we’re selling a juice for Pete sake. I went to a MonaVie tasting party one night and there were no discussion of religion or anything like that. Just a group of people getting together and talking about a product that’s changing their lives in one form or another. I think he’s really trying to hard and overloading on people which isn’t right either way. Of course these are just my own opinions.

  33. CGC Says:


    “Just a group of people getting together and talking about a product that’s changing their lives in one form or another.”

    By changing lives do you mean making 96% of those involved poorer and more misinformed?

  34. ExAmbot Says:

    Pernicious MLM is full of people who have eyes but without sight. I reckon the kingpins and the cartel owners would not prefer it otherwise.

  35. Gi Says:

    I’m from Brasil and I have a friend that just approach me with that stupid opportunity… If you Americans already think is expensive stuff, imagine for us Brasilians…I mean, açai here is very popular and cheap… I’m just schoked to see that Monavie entered in my country and they really are getting people here to buy this expensive juice and to join Monavie!!This brainwash is really stong!! I buy 10 liters of this concentrated fruit for less than the half price of 1 litter Monavie and I’m not even from Amazonia!! Unfortunatly, in Brasil we don’t have many places to search about mlm in our native language and people just believe… I do hope that Monavie break up soon and leave Brasil… they are just exploring naive people here because in US their business it’s already ruined… I also never saw this MORE project they talk about… For me is all bullshit and cover so Monavie can pay less taxes…
    Thank for the infos posted on the blog! I’m tring to open my friends eyes

  36. MonaVie Scam Says:


    You could do a great service to your country in duplicating this website in a language in your country. There are some automated tools that would do most of the translation.

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