About Juice Scam

This website is dedicated to making information about MonaVie available. While I have originally tried to be unbiased, I’ve found all the objective information leading towards MonaVie being a product that provides little value to the consumer. I try to analyze nearly every aspect of Monavie that I can, but there are so many things to write. Because of the vast information out there, this website will be updated over time. Like any publication, there may be facts that get outdated as the pricing/product evolves. Just like you wouldn’t expect the New York Times to go back and review every article they’ve ever written each day, it’s unreasonable to expect that all this information is going to be 100% true forever. Still, more than 99% of the information on this site will be current.

About Me

Many MonaVie distributors, preferred customers, or supporters in general come to this site making assumptions about me. So rather than tell you about me, I thought enumerate and dispel the most popular erroneous assumptions:

  • I am a Negative Person – Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m quite positive. Before making such a claim, one should read more about MonaVie and Negativity. Consider me like Consumer Reports magazine, looking out the people’s best interests.
  • I am Unhappy – On the contrary, I’m quite happy. I love what I do. Most of the people reading this have not met me to make that judgment.
  • I am a Failed MonaVie Distributor – I’ve never been a MonaVie Distributor or involved with MonaVie’s organization in any way.
  • I work for a Competitor – I create websites, mostly focused on educating consumers on how to get the most for their money. I do not participate in any MLM businesses nor do I have anything to do with juice sales.

You can usually tell when someone is on the losing side of the argument when he/she resort to attacks of the messenger (me). This is a classic debate tactic called Ad Hominem, which is Latin for “argument against the person.” Wikipedia gives an example:

“An ad hominem argument has the basic form:

Person 1 makes claim X
There is something objectionable about Person 1
Therefore claim X is false”

Thus just because I make a claim and you find something about objectionable it does NOT mean that my claim is false. One should be wise to not shoot the messenger

The last thing that I’d like to address is why I’m anonymous. I don’t think my name or qualifications are relevant to the information on this site. I back up my facts with sources liberally, so you don’t have to take my word. I’m never claim that I’m a doctor who went to the best medical school… instead, I point to other people with qualifications such as Dr. Andrew Weil or Dr. Dean Edell.

Also regarding my anonymity. I also don’t appreciate when some lunatic MonaVie distributor like Glenn Siesser threatens my life. He’s not the first and I don’t think he’ll be the last to do it, but there’s no reason for anyone to get violent against me trying to help consumers make a wise purchasing decision.

If you see anything on the website that isn’t well-sourced, it is most likely because it falls under what I’d call basic logic or common sense. For instance, when someone says that acai has the protein profile of an egg, I point out the fallacy of the logic. MonaVie has 0 grams of protein per serving. You don’t need to be a protein expert to know that if the final product has no protein, the protein profile of one of the ingredients is of no value. It is clear that this person making claims about acai and protein in the context of Monavie is trying to scam you.